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Exclusive Feature: “SamGottem”

Samuel Joseph Katallah, stage name “SamGottem” born April 24th, 2001, has yet to even release his first project and is already generating talks around his name. After having his live performance at “NLE CHOPPA LIVE” reuploaded to youtube he has fallen under accusations by fans labeling him an “Industry Plant” at its early stages. After having done extensive research into Gottem Records and putting Sam under the scope in our recent interview with the him, we got to see a different side to these accusations.

Sam has proven himself to be an outside the box thinker and is taking a complete different approach to starting his career as an artist. He understands that making it through as a musician in the hip-hop industry is no easy task. Sam has spent most of his mid-late teens studying the business side to the industry, further more, learning how to navigate himself to success outside the norm.
Early on at the very start of his career he mentions starting a booking company for major artists at the ripe age of 17 as a way into the industry. It was then when he got together with his current business partner “Nader Abilmouna” who was one of the only individuals that stuck through the business’ growing pains, securing essential start up funding, & help fine tuning the vision.

Most would take a quick look at Sam and assume he is another underground artist trying to push his records out into the industry. Yet, after multiple interviews & feedback from fans, it is clear that SamGottem’s potential exceeds that bar. Sam holds a very special mindset & talent that can only be found amongst the names that are currently influencing the industry. With big visions that surpass just becoming a reputable artist, SamGottem truly is a special individual that is emerging from nothing. Some may call it being an “Industry Plant” but after doing some digging and interviewing the young talent, we have found it to be nothing but a young kid taking an avenue to fame, that no artist has seemed to have tried before.

A lot of the information Sam shared with us during his interview will remain a secret kept from the public. However, after discussing his plans for his first project during his interview, it was no secret that he will be working with established major artists that are certain to push his name into mainstream media.

Will he manage to live up to industry standards & comparisons he is being matched to? Only time will tell.

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