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Hip Hop Artist So Gaudy Has Overcome All Odds to Get Him Where He Is Today

Las Vegas, Nevada’s up-and-coming hip-hop artist So Gaudy is making a name for himself. Through trial and error, he has been able to pave his path in the music industry and is looking to take his career to the next level. With a tenacious work ethic, he puts in the hours to make his dream become a reality.

So Gaudy has been making music seriously since early 2013 and hasn’t slowed down since. He has a love for what he does; he knows that it is what he was meant to do in life and won’t settle for anything less. Throughout his career, he put in the hours to afford his own studio and label that he built from the ground up. He used his studio to record all of his songs until he eventually got signed sign by SODMG, an All Money In affiliate. It is truly inspiring to see an artist in work and reap the benefits of success.

The young artist hasn’t always been in as good of a position as he has now. Like everyone else, he has had battles that he has fought along the way, including a major car accident. This severe incident had So Gaudy out of the game while he took time to get back on his feet, but he knew that he could come back from anything once he recovered from that.

For this young artist, it is more than reaching the end product. So Gaudy loves the process of making music and looks for a way to improve across all aspects of the art of making music. His hard work and dedication are beginning to pay off, and it is only a matter of time before we see So Gaudy at the top of the hip-hop music industry.

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