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Amanda Haze: “House Music – But On Mars”

Although relatively new to the music scene, Amanda Haze definitely does not lack talent. Making her debut on SoundCloud with a number of singles and a series of house mixes called “RIZE N VIBE RADIO”, it didn’t take long for the budding DJ and producer to grow a following.

Self-described as “house music – but on Mars”, Haze’s unique take on techno and house genres has lead to some original sounds and styles that are incredibly inviting to fans of electronic music. Haze has even taken her mixes live, playing shows in different venues, stating, “I can’t really express how fulfilling it is when I see people dancing to my DJ set or my music while the sun starts to rise and everyone’s been up since the night before. I really work hard to give people this sense of, like, ethereal escapism. It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around ever doing anything else.”

With a passion for creating music and high hopes for years to come, Amanda Haze is set to release her latest project, Hazey, in early 2021. “My greatest success so far would probably be the music I’m releasing soon – I’ve been working so hard on it and so excited for people to vibe to it.”

You can find Amanda Haze on Instagram here and listen to her music here.

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