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Now Is The Time To Learn How To Successfully Pivot in Los Angeles

COVID-19 has taken countless businesses on a rollercoaster ride. Whether some have gone out of business, had to make drastic changes or completely change their way of generating income, the pandemic has left many scratching their heads as to “what am I doing wrong? And how can I fix this?”

While the first step is recognizing that you need some outside help to get going again, the second should be seeking help by professionals that have a proven track record and/or have done it themselves. 

Tanner Chidester, the former fitness model who made a name for himself across Hollywood and now resides in Miami, is the founder of Elite CEOS, a company that has not only grossed millions and millions in revenue but has been helping individuals before and now during COVID-19 to build online service-based businesses that can scale to generate a healthy income too. Using relevant techniques, strategies and 1-1 coaching, Tanner and his team have been helping – safely and virtually these days of course – Los Angeles residents learn how to pivot and succeed during these trying times.

Sheila Bella who owns a store here in LA tells us, “My brick and mortar got shut down because of COVID and we had no revenue for 4 months so I had to focus on my coaching business. Coming into the program [with Tanner] my coaching business was doing okay at around $25K per month. By the end of the program we were doing $140K a month, which far exceeded my expectations in just 3 months.”

Eric Janicki, one of Tanner’s first clients who met Tanner in the fitness world here locally and is a personal trainer himself backed up Sheila’s testimonial quote to us saying, “I had a social media presence with over 250K followers, but I wasn’t utilizing it correctly. I was confused how others were doing so well with a much smaller following. We were very successful in-person trainers in the West Hollywood area. When the pandemic hit we knew we needed to move online. I learned that a following doesn’t matter much if you don’t know how to sell. The main benefits of the program were the overall structure and learning the value of your service. It taught us sales funnels, running ads, organic and hype organic marketing.”

While being coached and being able to pivot properly isn’t for everyone, for those with a passion and desire to do well and make it through this pandemic, Elite CEOS has been one of the go-to places. 

In a statement to us, Tanner himself stated, “We can virtually work with any expert, coach or business that has a product or service that can be sold online.”

COVID-19 isn’t going away anytime soon, and the effects of it on small and large businesses will be felt for years to come. Whether this company or others out there interest you or not, now is the time to act to get things together to make it through for your present and future. Learn to pivot properly or learn to market what you have properly. Now is the time and as costs in Los Angeles and across California go up and up, you need to think how you can continue to generate the income to support being a part of this incredible State in America. 

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