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AFRO PRINCE CHAI TULANI, Releases new R&B Single ft Liv ROSKOS

Chai Tulani, aka Sila Nzioka Tulani, a Kenyan-American Artist, Singer, Songwriter, and actor, Has released an impressive and irresistible new single titled “Speak” there’s no question why so many are fans of him. And for many reasons, including a certain eclecticism and a new kind of afro-pop that will take you on a wonderful musical journey. Both Captivating and outstanding, are two words that come to mind when you listen to the first note of “Speak”. The track also feature’s Soul Singer Liv Rosko’s who gives the song remarkable, heartwarming vocals throughout the track. Influenced by the style of singers & Groups like The Ellington Band and Billie Holliday you can hear her appreciation for deep lyricism and musical arrangement. Her voice will take you out of the ordinary and into the spiritual extraordinary. The track, featuring Liv Roskos, stands out from the crowd thanks to a memorable energy and a flow between R&B, Hip-Hop, and unique creativity. Our redaction craves for artists like Chai Tulani, who brings new vibes to the table.

 Listen to “Speak” here

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