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Zafrir is Changing the Way the World Looks at Producers

For many, the efforts in music behind the scenes go unnoticed. But for musicians like Zafrir, the production, mixing, songwriting, and more come out to center stage.

Zafrir started his journey into the music industry and the society around it at the young age of 16. He began discovering new sounds, new technology, and rare tribal resources from all over the world, and started using that experience to push his career to the level it is at today.

Over the years, Zafrir has been able to lift his career to a level that was never reached by many producers. What distinguishes him from the rest of the pack is that he is an all-around musician, first and foremost. He is capable of playing over 20 different musical instruments, allowing him to perform all of them while he composes and produces. In his arsenal, all these instruments produce a rare fusion of sounds, rhythm, beats, and voices that no other artist has the capacity to create.

By showcasing his broad variety of abilities through his songs, Zafrir brings the strengths that producers bring to the table into the limelight. He really is a well-rounded musician who harnesses an incredible amount of talent.

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