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Ana Nello Reaches a Milestone and Celebrates 1 Million on Instagram

Miami, Florida model Ana Nello recently transitioned into the music industry by releasing her first debut track called “Basement.” Many fans of hers were already excited about her release and began sharing her single once it came out. This soon spread like wildfire across Instagram, gaining Ana Nella even more exposure than expected.

Now Ana Nello has reached her goal by finally hitting 1 million followers on Instagram. About the achievement, Ana Nello said, “I truly owe it all to my fans who’ve supported me throughout the years as an influencer. When I began this music career, I never would have thought it would take off as it has now”.

The young electronic producer is now becoming a known name in the huge EDM scene in Miami. Not only does Ana Nello bring the talent, but now she has an army of 1 million to follows her every move.

Follow Ana Nello on Instagram here.

Stream Ana Nello’s music on Spotify here.

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