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From Streetwear to Hip-Hop, SBCollector is a Jack of All Trades

Chris Robinson, primarily known by the moniker, SBCollector is making waves with his music. The New Jersey native got his start in the sneaker game, building up a collection worth over two million dollars. Leveraging that astounding success and raving fanbase, Chris has seamlessly transitioned into crafting rhythmic hip hop beats. His work, he says, is inspired by the subcultures he came up in. 

In the last quarter of this year, SBCollector released four rapid-fire singles: Masterpiece, Undercut, In and Out, and Elevate. Each a unique and expertly created song, and each a spiritual successor to last. Robsinon’s music feels familiar and grounded, at the same time fresh and exciting. When I asked Robinson about his sound, here’s what he said, “I want my music to be like a soundtrack to people’s lives. The music I listened to growing up was so influential for me, and listening to a song can bring me back. I remember exactly what I was listening to on my Walkman when I got my first pair of sneakers with my own money. It’s a good feeling, thinking my music might be that for someone else.” 

Chris isn’t stopping with these singles, and plans to release a full debut album next year. He’s also excited about working with some of the many talented artists he’s met through his shoe company. “Rappers love shoes.” He laughs, “and I have the best. So I meet these guys and it ends up being a great opportunity to collab and make music for them.” 

SBCollector is known as a titan in the streetwear industry, and since his music seems to be garnering the same respect, and with the ongoing exposure his music is attracting, we’re sure his notoriety in the music world will soon match that. 

Oh, and the song he was listening to when he got his first pair of sneakers? Chris smiles, “Ms. Jackson by OutKast.” One thing is for sure, SBCollector, is here to stay. 

You can stream his music on Spotify here.

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