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Edison Partners With SunRun To Meet CA’s Clean Energy Mandate


California has their aim on becoming the first state to be powered by 100% clean energy. Gov Gavin Newsom has made his vision for the state crystal clear. California has decommissioned their local nuclear and coal power plants. All new homes starting January 1st of 2020 are mandated to have solar panels. Older homes are facing severe penalties for not using clean energy. Southern California Edison will be raising electricity rates to homeowners by 14% in 2021, in attempt to push homeowners to use clean energy to meet California’s mandate. In 2022 Edison plans to increase power rates another 20% to homeowners not switched onto clean energy.

Edison has partnered up with the #1 solar company in the US SunRun, to produce clean energy using solar panels. The program SunRun and Edison are partnered on is called Net Energy Metering. For homes that qualify, they’re given solar panels at no cost for their home, they’re installed, warrantied and monitored by SunRun. They reward homeowners with substantially cheaper power rates and remove them from all of the penalties that non clean energy homes face. Since the state is pushing for 100% clean energy, SunRun has deployed their energy consultants to neighborhoods across California to switch homes to clean energy. SunRun and Edison are working hard and already have half a million homes switched onto the Net Metering program. So keep in eye out for SunRun in your neighborhood, make sure they submit your home for the Net Metering program, or else you’ll be facing massive penalties from the state and Edison. 

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