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London Diamonds founders wasted a year building a hugely technical and complex platform but discovered that all people REALLY wanted was to speak with an actual person!

London Diamonds might have succeeded in expanding its reach to over twenty countries in just three short years since its launch but this journey might have been even quicker had certain changes been made. The business was created with one very important mission: to disrupt the diamond jewellery industry. With a fresh outlook and without the traditional brand name mark up, growth has been spectacular. A workshop team of over 20 experienced specialists create the pieces that feature on the London Diamonds Official Instagram account and further growth is planned for 2021.

But it hasn’t been plain sailing, plenty of mistakes were made and lessons were learned says James Sanders, who spent many months working on the automated platform.

It’s still painful to discuss, but we spent nearly 1 year and a small fortune building an automated system to find the best value diamond in the world. It sounded like a great idea, a client would select their budget and our system would use artificial intelligence to source the best spec diamond for them from hundreds of thousands of stones.”

The team realized that this was a mistake when they finally tested the system. People wanted to speak with an actual person and not a chatbot. They had numerous questions about the diamond which a chatbot couldn’t answer as effectively as a human could.

James continues, “we realised that clients were getting to the checkout but not completing their purchase as they often had (very valid) questions they wanted to ask before committing. 

We can’t get back the time we spent building the system but with hindsight, it was a waste of time and money. It’s also a mistake that internet retailers are still making as no one wants be pushed to checkout without their questions being answered properly.’’

London Diamonds Instagram account (

provides a showcase for their work with the emphasis on actual pieces made for clients and their feedback being favoured over fashion models and traditional aspirational advertising techniques. It’s a format that clearly works as London Diamonds estimates that it now accounts for around 1% of all the engagement rings purchased in the UK.

Sanders continues ‘we are happy to have several copycat accounts on Instagram but rather than be annoyed, it means we must be doing something right, so we take it as a compliment. Whilst we are proud to make around 1% of UK engagement rings, 99% of people are buying elsewhere, so we are not resting on our laurels and there is much more work to do’.

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