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Exclusive Interview with Roy

Basic Information about the Artist/Band Members
·         Who are you?
·         What is your government name?
Keith Leander Royston Jr.
·         What is your stage name?
·         Where were you born?
Los Angeles, CA
·         How old are you?
·         When is your birthday?
May 17, 1992
·         Why do you live in __(your city)?

This is where everything started, why leave now?

If you are from America, please answer the following questions
·         How old were you when you left your home town?
·         Why did you leave your hometown?

I’ve been going in and out of the state since I was 8 due to my family being originally from Iowa & Oklahoma but me myself personally haven’t lived out of state besides attending school. For which I have attended UTEP & ASU.

Basic Information about What Motivates You
·         Why did you start to do music?

I don’t truly have a reason for why I started a music, it was just something that I had/have a passion for. Maybe because of just the concept of putting art together. 

·         Why do you continue to do music?

I feel like I have something to say and something that people want and need to hear. Music also helps me express myself so that’s another reason why I tend to continue this path as well.

·         Why do you play backup for other musicians/ why do you pursue group (band) activities and not focus on solo pursuits?

I haven’t played backup to any artists and I don’t see myself doing so.

·         Have you had another career that wasn’t in the music industry?

I’ve attended Charles Drew University at 17 for a nursing program during the summer. I’m also a former aircraft mechanic and I’ve worked for majority of the major aircraft companies. But I never really wanted to do that either, I’m a history nerd and wanted to be an archaeologist.

Basic Information about Influences
·         Who is your musical idol?

The people that I do look up to in the industry and model myself after are Rick Ross, Nipsey Hussle, DJ Quik, E-40, Too $hort, AZ, Big L, Biggie the list could go on, I’m an overall fan of music and I try to listen to as many genres as I can. 

·         What made you start playing music?

I’ve always took music serious but I didn’t take it as serious as other people around me wanted me to. I had to go through some more ups and downs in life to ask myself was this something that I really wanted to do and I just decisive to run with it.

·         Have you ever released an album?
My album DEUX is available now and was released New Year’s Day 2021
·         Have you ever been featured on other people’s albums?

I’m currently working on a couple projects with artists such as West Side Zay, FK FMB & Jamine Shakur

·         How do you get shows?

The shows that I usually obtain are through my management company and I’m working on taking the James Brown approach when it comes to gigs.

Definition of Your Target Market
·         Who do you sound like?

I sound like Roy if I had to say but on the outside looking in I would compare how I sound to a new school Ice Cube.

·         Who do you believe would buy your music?

I feel like my music is age appropriate for everyone and it doesn’t have an age cap on who can and can’t purchase it.

·         Why should people care about you and your music?

Nowadays people have a short attention span but if I make art that’s related to the next person situation or what they’re going through, to let them know that I’ve been there too than they’ll always relate and want to hear more from me.

Basic Information about What You Do
·         What do you do/what instrument do you play?

I don’t perform any instruments and I always write my own music.

·         What genre of music do you like to perform in?

I perform Rap & R&B music.

·         What other roles do you play in the industry?

I would like to get into songwriting for other people and learn how to produce and engineer as far other roles in the industry. I also have my own label imprint called Strictly Bidness. 

Basic Information about What You Have Done
·         What was the highest level of formal education you received?
Some College
·         How many albums have you released?
1 and an EP

Awards and Accomplishments
·         What newspapers, magazines, tv shows, trade papers, or blogs have you been featured in?

I’ve been featured in HipHopSince1987, Young California, amongst others.

·         What do you do in your free time?

I smoke, write music, watch the news and stocks.

·         What other activities are you involved in besides music?

Music really is my hobby honestly or working on cars, besides playing the game.

Goals in the Music Industry
·         What are you trying to do in the industry?

My overall goal is to create a foundation for my label and help create another safe haven or place to express yourself as far as when it come to young people in my community. I want to use my talent to help change the lives of other people, that’s my only goal as far as when it comes to trying to be in the industry.

Personal Description
·         What is your favorite quote?

“Be mindful of what you throwaway, be careful of what you put away and think hard before you walk away.” 

·         What kind of music do you listen to?

I listen to R&B music mainly 

·         What are your top 6 favorite songs (of yours and others)?

  1. Al Wilson-Show & Tell 2. Howard Hewett-I’m For Real 3. Shalamar-This Is For The Lover In You 4. Patrice Rushen-Remind Me 5. Kut Klose-Keep On 6. James Brown-The Payback

·         How does music affect your mood?

Music can help people with moods throughout the day so it’s therapeutic for me.

Current Industry View
·         What is your perspective on the current state of the industry?

Labels nowadays want to sign the most popular, instead of the most talented. For which I’m not knocking or care about, sometimes you have to be a clout chaser in order to get noticed. And I don’t agree with none of that either, everyone should just be them and labels should stop trying to make artists something that they’re not as well.

Current Events
·         When is your next show?
January 14, 2021
·         When was your last show?
December 3, 2020
·         When do you practice?
·         How many hours per day or week do you practice?
I can’t say, I just go with the flow.
·         When do you promote yourself?
Everyday, I’m my own biggest fan!
·         What are you currently working on?
My second album

Instagram: RoyDeux
Twitter: Deuxster

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