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Catching up with the Tampa Bay Fury

Tampa Bay is currently the land of opportunity, land of growth and potential gold has a lot going for it. Great weather, winning sports team, consistent population growth the ocean and much, much more. Professional basketball is not necessarily uncharted seas in the state of Florida having powerhouse teams such as the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic, however often the sport is looked over due to football successes and baseball successes. Opportunity has found itself in the Tampa Bay area in nearly every single industry and basketball is not immune to an attraction to this warm weather city. The NCAA and many others have hosted tournaments in Tampa, in fact the Toronto Raptors are playing their home games in Tampa Bay as a home away from home due to Covid-19 measures.

In the past there has been multiple attempts to create Tampa’s own professional basketball teams in an assortment of leagues including the American Basketball Association. The previous team had talent and won games but folded half- way into the season. In this new day and age of social media promotion, during a pandemic, the new team, the new staff, all different and completely unrelated to the previous endeavor is approaching things differently. The Tampa Bay Fury have assembled an experienced team in many aspects and are methodically building slow the first season. The staff includes legendary Tampa Bay trainer, coach and developer Tavaris Davis, it also includes University of South Florida Hall of Famer Tia Grace, along with Andre and Joscelyn Spivey, whom previously bought professional basketball to the city of Sarasota which still operates and stands today, along with Ray Mills who bought professional basketball to Saint Petersburg, Florida. The endeavor in Tampa Bay is moving quickly and is exciting. For additional information on this team visit or find them on social media. Tampa Bay is the new home professional basketball in Florida and is sure to be a great time, great game!

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