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What is their CHARM that attracts us to VERIVERY? They entered Billboard!

Do you know Korea’s next-generation K-pop star ‘VERIVERY’? They made their debut on Billboard in a relaxed way. They ranked 44th on Billboard’s “DIGITAL SONG SALES CHART,” which aggregates the most popular download songs in the United States. This achievement is all the more meaningful because it beat out “Diamonds” by Sam Smith, a leading US pop artist.

There’s another reason to pay more attention to them. “DIGITAL SONG SALES CHART” is initially one of Billboard’s top charts that are very difficult for famous Korean K-pop artists to enter. The artists who have shown their names on this chart are so tricky that they can be picked without BTS and BLACKPINK. Meanwhile, a new artist named “VERIVERY” made a successful U.S. debut. During this week, when VERIVERY was ranked, only BTS’ Dynamite was organized on this chart.

It also topped the World Digital Song Sales chart, which aggregates trends around the world. So, how did VERIVERY get good grades in Billboard Charts?

Excellent communication skills with fans

Their outstanding ability to communicate with fans is impressive. They are sharing with various fans through the Korean system called V LIVE and Twitter. Also, JELLYFISH actively promotes communication between these fans and artists. They are mainly working on a program called “VERI LOG,” so take a look at specific content! I approach my fans with heartfelt and exciting content.

The individual identity of the artist

Also, they have a unique individual identity as members of VERIVERY! From rappers to dances, vocals, and fashion, we all have similar but different personalities.

First of all, the most attractive artist we saw was KANGMIN. Although he is the youngest member of the team, he is loved by many people for his cute appearance. And the leader, DONGHEON, is a charismatic and great rapper. As the principal dancer, HOYOUNG is a rising star with the same charm as J-HOPE of BTS. MINCHAN’s vocals are very enchanting, and whoever hears his songs will fall into his voice. GYEHYEON is also a vocalist, and his charm comes from his daily life. A pleasant and funny personality makes us very happy. YEONHO is the main vocalist of VERIVERY. Lastly, YONGSEUNG is the principal dancer. His dance line is lovely, so you will fall in love with it once you see it.

A collection of K-POPs with planning, creative and execution power

All of this is an achievement made by members, companies, and fans. I dare say that what they have been able to succeed in America comes from meticulous planning and various creative abilities. During their album career, G.B.T.B., they appeared on numerous TV shows to promote their names and communicate with fans. 

What makes their future U.S. activities more anticipated is that now they are growing newcomers. I can’t wait to see what he will look like in his next album.

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