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Stressed-Out? 4 Ways to simplify your life and reduce stress

Several years back “stress meant facing a charging tiger, not standing up to a tyrannical boss.” The sources of stress have changed over the years and we have created outer stressful conditions. Busy schedule, smartphone, social media, work pressure, job security, office politics, competition are the modern sources of stress.

Various reports are showing that about 60% of the population in the world is suffering from stress. That means 6 out of 10 people around us are living in stress, most of them have now become addicted. They need stress to feel complete and seeking more and more stress to feel the same rush, such as constantly running from one thing to the next, making plans, Spending much time thinking about work. They may even come to believe that, being stressed is normal and they can’t function normally without stress. This addiction to stress is the main cause for lack of motivation to deal with it.

I would like to give few simple ways to manage stress in daily life.

First, don’t be a prisoner to things you can’t change. Accept that you can’t control everything in your life. Remember, some chapters of your life just have to close without the satisfaction of closure. Do yourself a favor and stop thinking about what “should have been”. Thinking can’t give you the solution rather it can only increase the stress. The things you can’t change “Let them go” and create space for better things to enter in your life. Focus on what matters to you and who matters in your life.

Secondly, Do something every day that makes you feel good and set aside 15-20 minutes daily for the things you enjoy, for many people it can be reading, watching movie, listening to music or a nature walk and for some people it can be an artwork, painting ,drawing, craft work . Find an activity you enjoy and try to do it each day. It will help to calm your racing mind.

The third one is to deal in smart way with the smart gadgets because; Smart gadgets play a smart role in the presence of stress in modern life. Every time when the phone is ringing or you receive a text message, it takes an average of 20 minutes to re-focus whatever it was that you were doing before your phone interrupted you. So unplug for a bit, there is no need to be connected 24/7. Try to make a habit to keep aside your smartphone 30-60 minutes daily and you will definitely start feeling the change.

Last but not the least is, do “mindfulness meditation” 10-20 minutes daily. Today meditation has become the most popular, simple and fast way to reduce stress. Various studies had shown that when we meditate our mind releases some happiness hormones and by regular practice of meditation our physical and mental stress can disappear and you will feel more calm, refreshed and ready to face any situation with a positive and healthy attitude.

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In short, Stress is an inevitable part of life, a bit of stress in our lives is healthy and keeps us to deadlines, but continuous stress is exhausting and unhealthy. Improve the way you respond to stress and avoid or change some of the situations that create negative stress. Concentrate on what goes right instead of what goes wrong. Take some time off to do something you like and try mindfulness meditation daily, it not only helps you to reduce your mental stress but makes you feel more calm, relaxed and energetic.

Udit Kapoor


Book – Stress to Happiness : 3 Magical Ways of Meditation for Quick Stress Relief.

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