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Catching Up With Jordann Dwayne

If there was the perfection description of an Artist & an Entrepreneur, Jordann Dwayne would encompass that! A young business mogul is rising out of Houston, Texas that is making news across the world . A Published Author , a Jewelry company owner & independent Artist that has been seen at many of BET major award shows & has many important names standing behind him ! After releasing his first self – published book “Ambition Of A King : Success Secrets “ during this unprecedented year , Jordann kept the momentum going releasing a EP titled “Motel Reflection” produced by Major League Beats , whose production credits range from Chris Brown to Keyshia Cole . The music video single from the project titled “Godspeed” has been seen on MTV and VH1 ! In the following months of 2020, Jordann has just released a new free project titled “The Pirate & A Conspiracy” , after being crowned one of the “Hottest 30 Under 30” in the Source Magazine . With his noted strategy of dropping continuous new art & projects one is only to wonder what is coming next !

What’s your Goals for 2021 Jordann?

“ Expand . Safely . Push the limits in the music & jewelry world for creativity . Touch as many lives positively as I can , you know? Spread love in this crazy world . Stay healthy and get healthier . Pray more . Drink more water . “

What Inspires you?

“ My mom. My family , my team . My lady . It’s a lot of people around me trying to get to the next level , whether it’s retirement or getting their business to the next level . I want to be able to help them all. Seeing people work hard, makes me want to work harder. Seeing success, makes me want more success . I feed off that. “

How was 2020 for you ?

“ Spiritually, I grew more this year than ever . I understand who & what I am . Day to day, honestly it was weird . I lost people close to me, and many people I know lost a lot of people due to Covid . It was a really hard year to stay focused on goals , but I feel like if you did 2021 will be a breeze . I learned so much this year , but took a lot of loses financially. A year that won’t ever be forgotten for sure dude .“

Is it hard balancing running a business & doing music?

“ Yes & No. It’s what I want to do , so I sacrifice being normal. I don’t sleep a lot , I usually am up by 9 am working and don’t go to sleep to 3 am the following morning . I have to make time. Wouldn’t change it for anything .”

What would you tell someone trying to follow their dreams?

“ Go all in. Risk it all. If you loose or fall , do it again . And again . And again . When you get it right nothing feels better . Anything is possible .”

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