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Presidentrj Shares his Battle with Homelessness and How it Formed his “No Cap Rap” Musical Style

Los Angeles hip-hop artist Presidentrj has built his identity around his smooth, suave personality and his focused, transparent lyricism. His strong ability for storytelling, or as he calls it “No Cap Rap,” sheds light on the hardships of growing up in the streets of south-central LA and navigating your way up from your lowest point. Riding the success of his 2020 release, STREET PRIEST, Presidentrj is looking to break out of the LA underground rap scene and prove his worth to the rap industry in the coming year.

Growing up in southern LA, Presidentrj faced struggles early, and they continued to hinder him as he grew up. In 2018, he began to pursue a hip-hop career, using those life experiences and obstacles as fuel for motivation. However, the strides Presidentrj was making in his career came to a halt when he was forcefully evicted from his LA apartment. Unable to afford time in the studio, the aspiring artist began to focus more and more on his lyrics. Those months of writing came to be the already released STREET PRIEST and soon released sequel, STREET PRIEST II.

With a heightened ability for wordplay in his arsenal, Presidentrj is taking STREET PRIEST II in a direction that could break him out of his underground status. Working with frequent collaborator, Atlanta producer Kutta Beats, Presidentrj is also enlisting the help of some new faces on his upcoming project, including Slime Life Shawty and Kalan Fr Fr. The project’s content will look to build on the groundwork Presidentrj laid with its prequel. “The songs give listeners an idea of what life is like in the streets and what a lot of people have to go through to survive,” Presidentrj shares of the upcoming project.

To hear Presidentrj’s music, check out his Spotify and follow him on Instagram for updates on STREET PRIEST II.

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