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KASPER BEDSTED: The next fashion designer in streetwear

KASPER BEDSTED is a Copenhagen-based ready-to-wear streetwear label with an experimental and provocative approach exploring the fields within form and function, shaping the creative industry’s futuristic discourse. Since the first collection in the spring/summer 19 season, the brand has gained worldwide attention due to its diversified, advanced, and avant-garde take on fashion.

Et billede, der indeholder udendørs, sne, person, transport

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse
His brother and also featured model, Rasmus Bedsted, for the SS20 collection.

Creative director and founder Kasper Bedsted, “I have always been very creative. As a kid, I would find sticks and design their handles and shafts to improve them when dueling with my little brother. I also used to do clay masks, which I hung in my room. For me, creativity is freedom – it’s the only time I can truly be myself with a mind clear of disturbing thoughts and feelings.”

Kasper had an unintended route to fashion as his real passion, in the past, was graphic design, web design, and sports – mainly soccer, of which he played at a high level in the Danish soccer club, F.C. Kobenhavn’s academy in the company of current professional athletes. However, an old friend contacted him about his graphic design skills as he was establishing a clothing brand, which required digital sketching regarding design and construction, and vector files in terms of prints. From this point on, he would do all sketching and designing for his new companion, which, in the future, led to Kasper launching his own t-shirt brand, CORDE MEO, which would later become his current label, KASPER BEDSTED.

“I was always into fashion and have forever loved style. The issue I had was the self-confidence of taking the next step from imagination to execution. I was never the cool kid in the yard with the high-end fashion gear. For me, the confidence came with my aging and small portions of success along the way. These thoughts are in my creatives, as well. I don’t want to create a high-end mainstream fashion brand for consumers to purchase because the school’s cool kid wears it. I want my audience to understand my narrative, feel each garment, love the concept, and wear it for the sake of their own ambiance. I know that fashion and style tell the observant, as I call it, very much about our persona, but you shouldn’t overdo it. Wear it because you own it, and it’s identifiable for you.”

Et billede, der indeholder udendørs, jord, person, stående

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse
Kasper Bedsted and the second model Daniel Brynjarsson on set at the SS20 location.

All collections, including custom-developed features, are made in a factory in Italy and designed by Kasper manually, with close attention to detail, usability, and hidden storytelling, resulting in wearable aesthetic gear that achieves multiple characteristics. He, himself, also produces visuals, such as films, photographs, graphics, and the website. Occasionally he hires freelancers to help him with this, but only if he cannot beat time. By being in charge of the entire process, he ensures the label’s demand for quality, excellence, and identity. But where does all the motivation and inspiration for the creatives come from?

“My dad has always been my biggest inspiration and motivation. Very cliche, but that’s the case. My mother died when I was eight years old, and he has always kept me on track and been very supportive, which is tough as a single parent. Well, he used to work at construction sites and has forever remained obsessed with all sorts of craftmanship. So, he brought home different crafting tools and showed me pictures of the sites, the environment, and the big machines like excavators and cranes. I was a big fan, and it’s now used as an expression within my creative universe.”

Et billede, der indeholder udendørs, gravemaskine, transport

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse
Pictures of the excavator featured in the SS20 virtual display and lookbook/archive.

KASPER BEDSTED’s first collection, SS19 “MODERNISTIC SURVEILLANCE”, sold out in three weeks and had several restocks during the season. Most of the latest collection is out of stock as well. Shop the ready-to-wear collections at

We look forward to following this promising brand closely and cannot wait for what the future holds. 

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