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Alchemy Breathwork: boosting immunity and shifting the breathwork game

Pioneer of alchemy breathwork Devon Graham aka @the_black_air_bender on Instagram is part of a shift in consciousness and awareness when it comes to the breath. With a growing following he is sharing testimonials of people healing diseases, addictions, and mental barriers with his Alchemy Breathwork. What makes alchemy so unique is you only use the nose and it mainly focuses on the parasympathetic nervous system which is key factor for optimal healing. Mainstream breathing practices utilizes the mouth which is in fact dehydrating and tells our sinuses to use less nerves which is important to produce nitric oxide. Nitric oxide can only be produced with the nose which makes this practice fascinating because beyond the 1000s of techniques he has; He also tackles Mental Breathwork which you barley here mainstream facilitators talk about. His message is beyond breathwork it’s about bringing awareness to Breath consciousness. Nitric Oxide itself is showing promising results vs COVID. With 1000s of testimonials on his YouTube Alchemy Breathwork, it’s something to really give a try. He is also the first to publish guided RUNNING breathwork and Breathwork to sleep. All his links can be found here

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