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An Electric Standing Desk Recommended by TheLosangelesTribune – SOLOS V2 Desk

You may have seen in the past few years desks that allow you to sit or stand when using them. Standing desks have become all the rage in many home offices and businesses around the world. 

Why Choose an Electric Standing Desk?

Recent studies have revealed the health risks of sitting for long periods. Those who do not have the time to exercise are more vulnerable to circulatory conditions, coronary disease, obesity, and more. A growing alternative is the  electric standing desk

The electric standing desk allows a person to sit or stand and do their work. The desk itself is motorized, so you can choose between sitting or standing. This type of desk benefits is considerable for those who do not get a chance to stand as often as they should. 

Benefits of an Adjustable Standing Desk?

The benefits start with the ability to sit or stand when you choose. You are still within easy reach of the keyboard and the screen as they are raised or lowered with the desk. But the real benefits are to your health. 

– Improved Circulation

– Reduced Risk of Circulatory Issues

– Lower Risk of Heart Disease

– Improves Muscle Tone 

There are considerable advantages to standing even for short periods as you do your work. The key is finding the right type of home standing desk for your needs. 

How to Choose the Right Electric Standing Desk? 

There are different factors involved when choosing the type of adjustable standing desk. The most common factors you need to consider are as follows. 

– Lifting capacity

– Size

– Price 

While most people need the keyboard and screen lifted, you may have different requirements. Make sure to check the weight capacity. Plus, the size of the home office desk needs to fit the space requirements for your room. Finally, it must fit your budget as well. This is where the SOLOS V2 Standing Desk may be perfect for you.

Why Choose the SOLOS V2 Standing Desk?


– 27.2” to 46.5” Height Range 

– 265lbs Weight Capacity 

– 1.30” per Second 

– Dual-Turbo Motors: Easy raising and lowering 

Features: This desk offers several features common with higher-priced versions.  

– Improved Stability

– Square Columns

– Non-Porous Design 

– One-Touch Adjustment

The one-touch adjustment helps make the V2 an easy desk to change in terms of configuration. There are also three memory settings so that you can adjust to one of three pre-selected heights. Also, an alarm function and auto-dark LED display to provide greater visibility in low light conditions. 

Prices: You can find the SOLOS V2 Desk for around $400, depending on which store you make the purchase.


If you are looking for an excellent home standing desk that provides easy adjustment, plenty of power to live your screen, keyboard, and other essential items, and a price that is more than reasonable, the SOLOS V2 is for you. 

The V2 is the home office desk you need to keep active as you do your work. The desk itself is simple to operate and durable enough to last for a long time under normal use conditions. 

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