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How Samantha Russell Became an Instagram Sensation While Working a Full-Time Corporate Job at Amazon

Samantha Russel, or Sam as her friends call her, has been working as a full-time corporate employee of Amazon for a number of years now. Originally hailing from Texas, she moved to London five years ago thanks to an opportunity provided to her by Amazon. While in her corporate position at Amazon Web Services, she has been moonlighting on Instagram and growing an ever-increasing fanbase. Today, she boasts of being an IG sensation thanks to her unique and creative approach to creative content and photoshoots.

Her exceptional use of color and themed shoots has captivated fans on Instagram the world over, leading to her meteoric rise in popularity on both Instagram and TikTok. She has enjoyed this growth without having a manager or being a part of any agency. She currently does everything herself, except for taking the photos themselves, of course.

The colorful, stylish, and extraordinary photoshoots are Sam’s creative outlet when she’s not at her day job at Amazon. Ever since she has decided to embark on this journey, she has connected with adoring fans and kindred spirits from all over the world.

Initially, Sam used Instagram to learn more about her new home base in London. The more she discovered, the more opportunities she saw for exceptional photoshoots to be had. Sam has no desire to stop now, since she feels she is only at the start of something big.

Besides becoming an Instagram sensation, Sam has also been gaining impressive traction on TikTok. In fact, she is quickly closing in on her IG follower count, which currently stands at 126K compared with the 94K she has on TikTok. Several of her videos have already gone viral on TikTok, garnering around three million views altogether.

If there is one thing Sam loves, it’s color, and lots of it. She liked focusing on the positive in life, which is something that definitely comes through in her photoshoots. They stir up encouraging vibes that make you feel like you want to head over to her page anytime you want a pick-me-up. She definitely loves a big dose of positivity, but she also sprinkles in a little bit of sass as well for good measure.

Sam’s latest project goes along with her brand’s theme, The Colors of Sam. She is gearing up to launch her new website that is looking like it will be focused on travel and fashion content, all while emphasizing bold colors that feel inviting and uplifting.

Sam has made big leaps and strides in this colorful hobby of hers, and it may end up becoming much more than that. Time will tell, but for now, she’s loving the fun and success she has been having with her unique and extraordinary photoshoots out and about in London.

You can follow Sam on her Instagram page @thecolorsofsam and TikTok @thecolorsofsam to keep up with the latest coming out of this colorful content creator.

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