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Cyber Boy Corp. Hits a Homerun During the Pandemic

On October 23, 2020, Dr. Rich Schultz, of the University of Phoenix, announced the nomination of Cyber Boy Corp.’s CEO, Sr. Roy Andrade of Beverly Hills, Ca to THE NATIONAL SOCIETY OF LEADERSHIP AND SUCCESS. Roy Andrade has worked tirelessly to keep his employees and company occupied during the COVID-19 pandemic. Beverly Hills City Hall has emailed every business within their City limits, including Cyber Boy Corp., of the new Stay at Home Regional Order issued to all of Southern California by the Governor’s Office that went into effect on Sunday, December 6th at 11:59PM and will be in effect for the next 3 weeks. Many businesses in Beverly Hills, such as, hair salons, barbershops, wineries, indoor and outdoor restaurants had to fully close their operations.

Sr. Roy Andrade has mandated that his employees wear face coverings, and practice social distance during business hours. His operation commenced on March 19, 2020, and hasn’t stopped generating income. He has the right business model, employees, and experience to keep Cyber Boy Corp. profitable throughout the pandemic. He claims that his success is based on his belief in Jesus Christ, himself, and education. Running a busines is vary attractive to people, because they get to call the shots. They become known as a boss and create their own work schedule. However, Sr. Roy Andrade claims that owning your own business doesn’t mean being lazy, it means hard work, and no sign of rest.

Sr. Roy Andrade turned a passion into a career and on his way to becoming a multi-millionaire with money pouring in from every direction. Being in a competitive industry, such as, executive protection, requires a lot more than owning a gun and standing around. Cyber Boy Corp. offers its Principals real value and new experiences. Innovation is and always will be a key factor to Cyber Boy Corp.’s success. The market will definitely predict whether a business will survive and at this time, the pandemic has slaughtered businesses without sympathy. Today, business is a matter of life and death. If a business does not have the right talent to build their brand and to protect their reputation, then the business is more than likely to fail in the long run. Cyber Boy Corp. has prevailed in 2020 and expected to experience exponential growth in the coming years due to its founders business acumen.

“I don’t want to talk about income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements, but, that’s all that comes out of my mouth when I am in the office. Our marketing director, Vanessa Cage, handles everything from working with department heads to discussing budgets and contracts in our conference room. She plans advertising campaigns on AM and FM radio to online media. She thinks we should advertise on billboards. So, she has the responsibility of negotiating advertising contracts, and oversees other daily activities. Vanessa Cage is smart and qualified to handle a lot more, but, right now I want her to focus on market research and analysis. One thing I love about her is her thirst for knowledge. She is always reading and text massaging me brilliant ideas. While, I have been here in the U.K, and wondering around the castle, she has text messaged me over 90 times. She is a hard worker. Cyber Boy Corp. is blessed to have her onboard,” said Sr. Roy Andrade, CEO, Cyber Boy Corp. headquartered in Beverly Hills, Ca.

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