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At Last! An Erectile Dysfunction Treatment That’s Proven to Work

Men who have erectile dysfunction often blame themselves. They question their attraction and virility. They think they’re abnormal. However, erectile dysfunction is widespread. Moreover, the causes are often preventable and treatable.

From excessive alcohol use and smoking, low testosterone levels, diabetes, heart conditions and more, the causes of erectile dysfunction are many-fold. Primarily these causes are due to general systemic problems. But others can have deeper and more specific issues related to internal injuries or vasculogenic impotence.

It can seem challenging to know how to cure the problem. Across the internet, many treatments claim to work miracles. Few deliver the necessary results. Most treat only the symptoms. However, that doesn’t mean that no one can help.

Thirty Years of Experience

SexologistDr Sudhir Bhola has 30 years’ experience diagnosing and treating sexual disorders – without needing expensive blood tests. After assisting his late father, Dr HL Bhola, he has devoted his life to solving this critical issue. Before you receive any erectile dysfunction treatment, you will undergo a consultation with a doctor. Preferably consultations are done in person, but alternately they are done online with Dr Sudhir Bhola himself.

Following the consultation, the doctor will prescribe a cause of treatment that goes to the root of the problem. There are two treatment pathways for:

  1. Erectile dysfunction related to low testosterone levels, diabetes, age-related or other bodily problems.
  2. Erectile dysfunction related to internal injuries to the penis, vasculogenic impotence or penis enlargement requirements

Ayurvedic and Herbal Medications

These treatments are pioneered by Dr Sudhir Bhola, earning him the title, ‘Best Sexologist of the World’. For causes in the first group, Ayurvedic and herbal medications are the primary treatment. This erectile dysfunction treatment will provide long-lasting relief with no side effects. Ayurvedic medicines is one of the oldest medical systems in the world.

Using this generational knowledge, passed down from his father and innovated by himself, Dr Bhola achieves an outstanding success rate. Ayurveda medicine is 100% safe and will solve the cause of your problem. So, you will no longer have any further erectile dysfunction issues. However, as the causes are systemic, it is also vital to have a healthy lifestyle.

Linear Shock Wave Therapy

For patients who fall into the second group, treatment involves increasing blood flow to the penis. An erection is a complex interaction of the nervous system, hormones and muscles. Following arousal, blood flows to the penis, increasing the pressure and leading to an erection. If blood flow is insufficient, then this can cause erectile dysfunction.

Linear shock wave ed therapy uses focused shock waves to rejuvenate both nerves but also penile tissue. After a few treatments, patients report more blood flow, harder erections, and even increased penis size. This pioneering treatment is only available in four to five locations throughout India. But it is one of the foremost erectile dysfunction treatments.

Curewell Therapies

Here at Curewell Therapies, we aim to solve all your erectile dysfunction issues. After being established by Dr Bhola, we have helped hundreds of patients and won numerous awards worldwide. So, don’t bother with over-the-counter pills. Choose a treatment that works.

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