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LED Strips – a simple way to spice up your home

It’s no secret that with the rise of TikTok, colorful and aesthetic rooms also known as “TikTok Rooms” have grown in popularity. The main way to get something like this is quite simple – using a LED Strip. Getting a TikTok look for your room is just one of the many applications of this nice item that is usually pretty cheap.

How to choose a LED Strip

There are several characteristics you should be looking at when looking to buy a LED Strip.

LED Density – usually there are 2 options to choose from, either 60 LEDs/M which is high density strip or 30 LEDs/M which is the standard option. The high density version is obviously brighter, so that’s something you should keep in mind.

Water resistance – if you are looking to use the strip outside or in a humid environment, water resistant strip is a way to go. Water resistant strips have a silicone layer on top of them which prevents water damage.

Colors – some strips come with a simple remote that has all the available colors on it. If you want more, look for one that can be controlled with your phone, since they usually have all the colors you’d need.

Brightness – measured in Lumens, brightness is one thing you should consider when buying the LED Strip. Usually the best idea is to buy the brighter ones and use the dimming option to get the outcome you need.

Ways to use LED Strip

LED strips have brought a lot of new ways to illuminate your home that regular bulbs cannot compete with. Due to their flexibility, the strips can be used in places where installing regular lights would be either challenging or not worth doing at all.

For example, one great and simple way to use a LED Strip would be using it as a backlight for your TV. Since the strips usually come with adhesive on the back side, all you need to do is to glue it on the back of your TV and connect it, usually by using USB. After that, you can easily control the color and brightness of the light.

Other ways you could use LED Strips:

  • As an accent light in the living room or bedroom
  • As a photography accessory for colorful photos
  • Illumination for stairs
  • Under tables, desks, kitchen cabinets or other furniture
  • Add as an extra light to mirrors
  • Lighting for your car
  • In DIY woodworking or other creative projects


Led Strip checks all the boxes for excellent addition to your interior – it’s affordable, has wide range of applications and high visual impact. This is one item you will not regret adding to your interior, so give it a shot.

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