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Blurring the Lines of Reality: A closer look at Innov8 Technologies Inc., a Disruptive Virtual Tech Start-Up that is Reimagining the World

Innov8 Technologies Inc. is a black-owned tech startup that offers unparalleled media production and marketing services by leveraging the potential of virtual and augmented reality!

Los Angeles, CA, USA – Innov8 Technologies Inc. is a growing Virtual and Augmented Reality Media Production and Marketing Company that is setting higher standards of innovation in the industry. It is a unique, black-founded disruptive tech start-up that has established itself as a go-to firm when it comes to creating, marketing, distributing, and monetizing immersive and engaging digital content, along with providing smart marketing solutions that push the boundaries of interaction.

Innov8 Technologies is based in Los Angeles, CA, and is dedicated to leveraging the potential of technology, specifically, Virtual Reality to offer value-added digital solutions to its clients. The company was founded by Abdul Gieballa, who is also serving as the CEO of Innov8 Technologies. While talking about his vision, Mr. Gieballa said: “We’ve completely reimagined how to experience reality through an immersive virtual broadcast that transports anyone, from anywhere to the center of anything. Imagine live streaming a sporting event, watching a concert, traveling to Paris, exploring the ocean, etc. from anywhere in the world, completely immersed as if you were physically there. The versatility of virtual technology has the power to reimagine the way we interact and experience life as we know it. Our capabilities provide a new way for smart digital marketing that relies on creative engagement between content creators and their audience. Augmented Reality integration can be used for marketing campaigns, branding, and unique creative rollouts. Deeply rooted in our mission are the notions of utilizing virtual technology as a means to solve real-world problems and a sense of equity that brings the world together to share experiences like never before through exciting mediums.”

Innov8 Technologies is not only concerned with solving real-world problems and inequities caused by geolocation, socioeconomic disparity, and physical limitations by employing the latest technology, but also to reimagine entertainment, retail, education, advertising, tourism, healthcare, and other industries using virtual and augmented reality technology. The management at Innov8 Technologies also aims to help content creators get themselves acquainted with new platforms to give their audiences more affordable, accessible, and immersive content to enjoy. Not only does Innov8 Technologies take great pride in serving high-profile clients such as Angela Davis, Kobe Bryant, and Travis Scott but they make it a point of emphasis to offer their services to the average, everyday person because everyone deserves access to what they are capable of producing.

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Recently, Innov8 Technologies’ founder and CEO, Mr. Abdul Gieballa has been invited to speak at the Reality x Design Conference organized by the Harvard Graduate School of Design to share his entrepreneurial journey and his company’s work. He will also talk about the role of virtual and augmented reality in shaping the future of various industries. 

About the Company:

Innov8 Technologies Inc. is a Virtual & Augmented Reality Media Production and Marketing Company. This Black start-up based in Los Angeles, CA company leverages virtual technology to create, market, distribute and monetize immersive and engaging digital content, along with smart marketing solutions that push the boundaries of interaction. 

Contact Information:

Contact Person Name: Abdul Gieballa

Company: Innov8 Technologies Inc.


Location (City, State, Country): Los Angeles, CA, USA


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