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Meet The UK And Expanding Worldwide Business Entrepreneur

Pictured In Birmingham, United Kingdom. Wearing His Own Clothing Brand

From beginning a little side hustle of a visual designing business and buying and reselling jewelery — Areeb Akhtar has done the impossible. Being given the name ‘CEO’ due to the fact owning a business empire of 12 businesses at such an age sounds impossible, but no! He has done it. This truly shows hard work and determination gets you anywhere in life at all. Areeb has been in our eyes for quite some time now and we have finally managed to get his time for some insight into his business life.

Areeb has been utilising online media and has been culminating his web-based media development and his businesses for quite a long time. The explanation Areeb imagines that organisations are losing such a great amount of income by not publicising on the internet is on the grounds that he’s seen the beneficial outcomes that web-based media advertising has on his own records — simply by developing his own Instagram network.

Areeb Akhtar has also been helping other individuals across the world to build their own businesses, he believes that every individual can make something of themselves, they need to have the right motivation to push them forward. He explained to us that there was no one there to push

him forward, each and every business he built, he built himself. “Many of my businesses failed, many. But I never gave up, I never thought to myself that I couldn’t do it. I thought I can do it but I’m not doing it right I need to learn more, now look at me.”

A List Of Areeb Akhtar’s Businesses.

Mob Jewellers, Mob Girlzz, Mob Grillz, SA Jewellers, MBM Clothing, Damysus Co, Build NESW, Build Businesses WA, World Rays, Mobstar Records UK, Road To Millions And Virtual Energies.

All Can Be Found On Instagram.

Do you have any advice for the future generation?

“Indeed, I do. Never get ahead of yourself, if you’re killing the market and you see someone that needs help you go and help the other individual. There is more than enough in this world for everyone to earn, never get too greedy because that is what will ruin you! It’s alright to not be right

— your first business may not be a triumph, however at any rate you’re continually learning and acquiring information. Once you’re in the public eye every decision you make will affect not only you but your business too, remember that. Set yourself up for progress — don’t set yourself up for disappointment. I will always work 100x harder, I will never rest till I can turn my back for a second and not think about business.”

Lastly, if you’re an individual who wants to start a business but doesn’t know how, you need to go and contact Areeb because now it is the right time to build yourself.

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