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In the name of the father, DOUG VITALI, and of the son, STEVEN VITALI is the birth of “My Father My Prayer”


Doug Vitali’s photo courtesy of Susan Abbass

Steven Vitali’s photo courtesy of Grace Vitali

The single “My Father My Prayer” by Steven Vitali is dedicated to his loving father, Doug Vitali, who suddenly passed away on November 24th, 2020.

This instrumental record is a magical masterpiece of music that strikes a harmonious chord, one that beams of a son’s love for his father.

Steven Vitali is of French, Italian, and one-quarter German descent. This multidimensional instrumentalist was born on June 21, 1964. And after reading this article you will not be surprised why the birth of this extraordinary composer also landed on Father’s Day.  

If you don’t recognize the name I am almost certain you would recognize one of his signature theme instrumentals that have been captivating audiences around the planet for over three decades. Steven Vitali is a total package, that of good looks, incredible rare talent, and he is as humble as humble can be with someone that has had this much success. 

Although Steven has been topping the charts since he was in his mid 20’s it was when he packed his bags, got in the car with his loving father who drove him to the airport in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Steven remembered hugging his father and although excited, was very sad about having to leave his family and say goodbye to his father. It was at that time he traveled to Los Angeles, California, in 2016 with big dreams of finally being recognized by Hollywood’s elite. Steven Vitali: “I left because I wanted to make my Dad and Mom proud of me.” It was in Los Angeles, in Hollywood, Steven met up with the Producer, Actress, and Model, Grace Yang. It was at Warner Bros. during many film screenings that Producer Yang noticed Vitali’s passion, good looks, kind heart, and had, no, doubts, that Steven could be accepted in Hollywood as soon to be one of the greatest composers for film and television in the world. She also saw his raw acting ability, charm, and integrity. She took him around to meet other top executives and they also recognized his talents. The couple later teamed up working on movies and later got married in 2018 in California. A wedding that was very secluded and in a private location. 

Since Vitali’s arrival in Los Angeles, he has teamed up with several other big-name celebrities, has received four Hollywood HMMA nominations three for his music as an artist and one Hollywood HMMA nomination for Song/Score Trailer, for his feature documentary, “The Jewels of the Salton Sea,” Narrated by Michael Madsen and Produced by Grace Vitali. And in 2018 Steven Vitali won Hollywood’s HMMA for Best Contemporary Instrumental of the year. Steven is currently working on several film projects around the world and resides in California.  

Since Vitali first came to Hollywood, he has been gaining attention not only as a film Score Composer/Instrumental Artist but also as an Actor, Director, and Film Producer. He enjoys all aspects of getting acquainted with Hollywood Film Productions and other Producers. 

So where does the inspiration come from?

Steven Vitali: “There is no greater feeling than love, those people that we love and live for, that one person that touches the soul, that reminds us of our senses, why we are alive, and that takes a piece of our heart, however losing my father is like an unreachable ocean far, far away. To never be able to hear him call my name again, is by far the greatest tragedy. He truly was my rock, my Samson. I use to put his shoes on because they were so much larger than my feet that I felt like his little boy again for those brief moments, and his shoes made me feel protected and safe. I use to wear his shirts because they were larger and once again made me feel safe. I guess I was always just wanting to be his little boy.”

Steven Vitali’s tears spoke a language of love. And since I believe that no love can truly be compared, I wondered that perhaps could it? The legendary Samson is known for his magnificent power in which the secret of his long hair became his very own strength. A higher power that is sometimes never defined and accepted but is somewhat similar to the higher power often granted through the art of composition and arrangements. Since I am by no means a composer by any stretch of the imagination, I have often wondered where the music stemmed from. Thin air, it seems, or is it? Could it not be a higher power working through few chosen specific earthly individuals to inspire hope, faith, and love for humanity? Could Steven Vitali’s instrumental music be the path to GOD? I have often wondered. I mean, I put it on, it makes me relaxed, I feel at peace, I am inspired, it usually takes me into a dream. Did Beethoven not say that the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual was, in fact music? I believe he called it the “one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge which comprehends mankind but which mankind cannot comprehend.”

Steven Vitali has been noted by his fans and top Hollywood industry professionals for his ability to combine power through music and emotions. If you genuinely listen to his compositions, his hauntingly beautiful melodies and arrangements will take you to places, perhaps to a higher ground that is mystical, magical, and heavenly. His song titles, such as “Heaven’s Harp,” “On the Mountain,” (referring to the Ten Commandments) “Angel’s Song,” “Searching for Grace,” “Soul and the Senses,” often reference God and spirituality. His latest two singles, “COVID-19 Call to Prayer God’s Army,” and “My Father My Prayer,” makes me wonder about the same.

“My father was a saint,” says Steven Vitali as his tears fall from his beautiful brown eyes.

This is a story of a son’s love, a magical piano, and the inspiration that flows through a higher power. 

Although unknown, it’s no mystery that the blend between this father and son duo created a harmonious musical entity that has lasted for almost four decades now. 

What did Steven Vitali say in his “Language of the Soul” Album? That, “Everything happens for a Reason.” And I have to believe that Doug and Steven were meant for a great purpose, and it was and still is that combination that creates music for the world.

While Steven Vitali wipes his tears, I can see that his music was and still is an extension of his love for his father. Although his passing in Ontario, Canada, is tragic, Doug Vitali’s spirit will forever be timeless in his music and film scores. I will always believe that.

I have often believed that behind every great legendary composer and arranger like Steven, there is a start and a meaningful point of inspiration that drives them to Hollywood stardom. For Steven Vitali, his success is making a childhood dream of his come to life. One created by a gifted piano and a father who made it all happen, says Steven. 

This piano was gifted by Vitali’s neighbor, who fortunately recognized his musical expression, allowing us to be graced by Vitali’s timeless music. At a tender age, Steven, supported by his father, Doug Vitali, dreamt of performing with his ‘Magical Piano’ globally. Since then, Steven has been gracing us with his soul satiating music. While the music style of Steven Vitali, a symphonious musician, invokes us to rise from our inner consciousness, he also implores us to keep our resilient strength alive and hold on. Just like Steven is during these challenging times. 

Dying During This Pandemic

Steven Vitali: “Not being allowed to visit my father at the hospital in his final hours was heartbreaking enough. But, then adding not being able to make it in a timely fashion to view my father at the funeral home before he was, cremated is by far something of intense sadness, hurt, and pain. I still find it very hard to comprehend that my father is gone. And after losing my father, there is an indescribable amount of grief. There are no words to describe how I feel, and I do not think I will ever get over this tragedy. Dying, during this pandemic, grieving, loss, death, dignity, where do I begin? My father deserved a 21-gun salute, which I understand, is recognized as the highest honor rendered.  A Canadian Snowbird flyby, a celebration of his life that would have included his entire immediate family, relatives from all around the world, his friends, his work associates. My father deserved a packed church, and I would have been honored to perform with an orchestra for the one man that launched my career and went to a bank and took out a loan so I could record my music when I was just a young man. I can still see his face today smiling because he was so happy to do this for me. I’m so torn by the sudden passing of my father.” 

Steven’s father, Doug Vitali, (Douglas Joseph Vitali) was born in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, on July 30th, 1940. He was the son of Armando and Eva (predeceased), and brother to Ron, Bob, Gerry, Eddie, and Doreen (all predeceased). Doug Vitali was married for 59 years and was the father of three beautiful children, Steven Vitali being the youngest. 

His father’s, father, Armando, Steven’s Grandfather, and who Steven’s middle name was named after, was born on July 6th, 1909 in Copper Cliff, a Neighborhood in Sudbury, Ontario. He was the first Canadian son of the couple Ugo Vitali and Fedora Marchionni. He married Eva Eleonore Belanger on June 19th, 1933 in Copper Cliff. She was born in Nipissing (April 23rd, 1910) to Français Belanger and Julie Marcotte, born in Nipissing, Ontario. The parents of Armando Vitali were the first of Steven’s family who emigrated from Italy to Canada. Ugo Vitali was born in Pesaro, Italy (September 20th, 1875) from Nazzareno Vitali (1849-1916) and Florinda Santini (1851-1915). His family lived in Cuccurano, near Fano, in the province of Pesaro-Urbino. Marchionni Fedora was born in Cuccurano (February, 2nd – 1878) from Angelo Marchionni and Innocenza “Rosa” Tallevi.

People have often wondered about Steven Vitali’s Italian heritage that he is so proud of, and that is some of it. 

(Courtesy of Steven Vitali’s cousin Davide Bartoli who lives in Italy)

Steven Vitali: “My father was more than a prayer. He was an earth angel, and there are no words big enough, strong enough, or caring enough to describe my love for my father and how tragic this loss is. He will always be the greatest man that I ever got to meet on earth.”

The interview with Steven was the most touching interview I have ever had. And one cannot help but hear his love for his father with his music. They say that music has higher power, and I believe that it’s because when it is written by gifted composers and arrangers like Steven himself, the music dives right into the intention of its creator. In this case, these notes are true to the spirit of Doug Vitali. Doug Vitali being the creator working through his son Steven, as chosen by the almighty one. I have heard that we choose our parents. In this case, I believe that there was a great purpose behind why Steven chose his father because there was to be this bond to inspire us all through musical composition. And I would like to think of Doug as the conductor.

Although Douglas Joseph Vitali (Doug Vitali) was born in Sudbury, he moved to Toronto in 1964 with his wife and family. While Steven was conceived in Sudbury, he was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

Steven Vitali: “My father was an incredible builder he could build anything. Growing up I watched him build a bench in our home like it was nothing, a shed outside our home in Toronto that looked like a miniature house. He could lay bricks, and when it came to the building he had raw talent and interest. I even watched him team up with my Uncle Fred to build a camp on my Uncle Fred’s Island on Lake Panache which is a lake I believe located in the Sudbury District. My father worked most of his entire life with building corporate buildings, project management, real estate, and made our home a sanctuary in Toronto for our family and friends to enjoy. He even could tend to gardens and once made a hedge that looked like something that belonged at a king’s castle. Perhaps that is why our home was later referred to as the castle. He will forever be truly missed. However, I hope that through this song, his spirit will live on as it will with all those who had the pleasure of meeting him.”
My Father My Prayer cover170x170.jpeg

So where did it start this collaboration of divine love? “My father My Prayer” by Steven Vitali is an incredibly heartfelt instrumental, one that is scented with hope, faith, and love for a son’s father. The song was initially released on Steven Vitali’s chart-topping album, titled “Language of the Soul” in 2013. The album that charted on the ZMR TOP 100 for over 12 months also charted #1 on many international radio networks. It later set a record at #1 on One World Music in the United Kingdom at that time for being the first album to stay at #1 for more than two consecutive months. Also, nominated for a People’s Choice Award included, it also was played in rotation on the Spa TV Channel and still gets played around the globe today. The album included Steven Vitali’s hit single “Piano in Paris,” which received a Hollywood HMMA nomination for Best Contemporary Instrumental 2019. “My Father My Prayer” is now released as a single is dedicated once again to Steven’s loving father. “My Father My Prayer,” inspired by Doug Vitali, is certainly soon going to top the charts in the United States and around the world. 

Steven Vitali: “From the moment the song was released that is November 30th, 2020, all of my royalties for the life of this song will be donated to a charity that my father supported. Although my loving father did not die of cancer he had always been a big supporter for this cause. From now on, donations will be made in my father’s name to the cancer society.”

Steven further said, “I always wanted to make my father proud. It seems that has been my goal with sports, music, and just in general as his son. I also loved making him laugh. Perhaps, in my music that is why I named the first song I ever wrote, “Dreaming of Armando.” It was an instrumental on the piano I dedicated to my father’s father who I never met because he passed away in 1959 before I was born. However, I was gifted my grandfather’s name as part of one of my middle names.”

In his endeavor to bring respect and justice to his, now middle name, Steven Douglas Armando Vitali continues the generosity by serving as an ambassador for Teen Cancer


America. He also successfully plays a role in making this world a better place while raising spirits and thousands and thousands of dollars for teenagers with cancer.

So I asked Steven if you were, granted three wishes right now, what would that be? 

Steven replied without hesitation. “My first wish would be that my father sends me a sign that he is okay, happy, and with his family, his brothers, his sister, and his parents in Heaven. Because Dad deserved that, and believed in God and Heaven. He loved his family, his wife, his children, his grandchildren, his great-grandchildren, cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends. But most of all my father loved life, and he never took advantage of the gift of life. My second wish would be to play catch with my father with a football in the backyard. And my third wish would be to be able to talk to him one more time, just sit with him overlooking the ocean in California. He told me that he always wanted to visit Santa Catalina Island. So to go there and buy my father a nice dinner, have some fresh cut French fries, maybe have a hotdog, a slice of pizza and just tell him the things I wish I would have told him before he left this planet. Just to have one last supper with my Dad. Now that is something I would give anything to have right now. I use to love when he asked me to make him some popcorn when he was watching Hockey Night in Canada.” 

Steven continued: “My Father’s main message was very clear. Spend time with God, be kind, and understand that life is a test. Of course, he had many other incredible messages and life lessons to share which he did but he certainly understood and well knowingly knew his children’s hearts. He always told those he loved to keep smiling, even when he was in pain, his message was always in thought of others.”

While Steven’s father might have met a sudden death, there is no other emotion more intense than that of a child mourning for their parents. Like the single “My Father My Prayer” by Steven Vitali, which is dedicated to his loving father, Doug Vitali, who suddenly passed away recently, the song stands the test of time and is a true sign of respect for the important relationships in our life. The relationships that teaches us compassion, ambition, support, and gratitude. Such was the relationship between Steven and his father, Doug, and this instrumental masterpiece brings that raw and heartfelt emotion to listeners in equal magnitude, if not only love. With this single, Steven Vitali encourages us to cherish the magical bond we share with our parents, and for our parents to spend time with their sons and daughters and for that, we shall always be thankful.

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