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Two passionate entrepreneurs who skyrocketed their career in Pandemic

With the drastic situations increasing worldwide, a lot of people lost their work life. But here is the story of two young minds from India who utilized this situation to their fullest and built their career in digital marketing. Let’s see what’s their journey has been as an entrepreneur. 

In Indian culture, people don’t support entrepreneurial life as a good asset in the future. They believe that people having a good job always get a good reputation in society. The same thing happens in the lives of Aditya and Anshuman too. Their parents are not in favor of the “work as your own boss” mindset. But still, they didn’t change their minds and have started their entrepreneurial journey from zero, without letting them know!

“Think big plans but act on particular small things” 

Entrepreneurs believe in the sake of people. Aditya and Anshuman both have a strong dream to be an entrepreneur at a young age. Both have started their journey during the lockdown. 

In those days, like every other student, they some online courses to build a strong CV for attaining a good MBA college. They got the exciting opportunity the first time to learn digital marketing with their e-commerce class, which is organized by their college. One day, the professor of their college offered an extra-curricular subject in which they were supposed to learn about building business.

In class – “entrepreneurs’ minds” share their views and ideas, and their professor also guides them for becoming a successful entrepreneur. With a total enrollment of about 40 students, only 5 were present in business class including both, and on the last day of the class, only these two were eager for more, and others were reluctant to continue.  

After getting a lot of knowledge, motivation, and ideas from that business class. They were determined to build their empire. It was the first step for them to see themselves as an entrepreneur in the future.

From that day, they never looked back and decided to achieve a high peak in their life as an entrepreneur. They prepared themselves with research, learning in the field of digital marketing. During the same, they found remarkable creators on Instagram who also indulge themselves in the arena of digital marketing and personal branding. Aditya and Anshuman both were impressed with their profile, in a way that was a clear view of what they would want themselves as in the coming years

Their purpose was clear. They want to build a community of brand architects and help individuals and businesses grow online. Both started pre-planning the things including the business model, strategy buyer persona, and “a hundred other things” as they quote. But the most important and hardest of all came with determining the partnership brand. 

The story behind the name. 

“It was probably the hardest task of our journey” agreed both.

After brainstorming for about 3 months they finally decided to name themselves Searckey Marketing and Media, Here is what it signifies, Aditya is the CR (class representative) of the college. And Anshuman always calls him CR. So they have decided to steal the pronunciation of “CR” as a “Sear”. 

And the complete name of Anshuman is Anshuman Milarki and the suffix of his last name is “ki” pronounced as “Key” also 

So after uniting both the short forms – it becomes “Searckey”. But that’s not all, there is another meaning hidden behind the name, which is – “Searc” – means “search” and “key” means – “keyword”. And if you are a digital marketer then you must know the essence of search and keyword in digital marketing. Both are too important to make digital marketing easy. 

A team player is a dream player, the search for good team members begins. A journey is not a journey if you don’t have a team, and a team always helps to rejuvenate the power and motivates you to do more and more and achieve the desired goals. People having good team always become a champion in the future. 

Now, they were ready to start their entrepreneurship journey. So they started their Instagram account with the name Searckey Marketing and Media

But, why Instagram? 

Because it is a wide platform not just for the people sharing their daily lives but also for entrepreneurs to start their journey. You can find several important things about digital marketing, you can learn from great influencers. All in all a great platform to just start. 

They have collaborated with extraordinary industry leaders on projects. Experienced one of the fastest growth on Instagram with 1500+ audience whilst earning respect for their mind-blowing work with 20+ satisfied clients in just 45 days and now on the way to build a six-figure organization before summer next year. Earning the title of the fastest young entrepreneurs in their city. 

Question/Answer with two young entrepreneurs of Searckey 

Q. What is your opinion of the young generation? 

Anshuman – If you want to achieve something great in life then start from today, Do not wait for tomorrow. Because when you start, you get experience, and only experience matters, nothing else. 

Aditya – Motivation is something very important. And there is no need to take help from motivational videos, be your self-motivator. Because you know yourself much better. 

You should have full dedication regarding your goals and work. Never break consistency, no matter what the situation is. That’s the real significance of dedication. 

Q. What are your best motivation?

Anshuman – My motivation is GaryVee (creator of personal branding ) 

Aditya – To see my future self! 

Q. What you do for breaks after long tiring work? 

Anshuman – Usually I watch Netflix and make music. Singing is also my passion and I have a separate YouTube channel, and I firmly believe that along with working hours you should give some time to your hobbies. Because that favorite thing can make your mind cheerful and make you more productive. 

Aditya – I go to the gym. Building a good personality is another passion of mine. My views are – talk with friends, have coffee, and share some time with your parents because nowadays people don’t have time for their parents and we know that they have much experience than us. So, it helps us to guide in our path where we are going. 

Q. How will you handle failure in your life? 

Anshuman – I Love failures. Failure is a part of the journey. Failures help us to learn more than success. My favorite line I have in my mind is – “Something that doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”. As an entrepreneur, love failures more than success and trust the process. 

Aditya – Yes, right. And failure helps us have a clear vision that where we are lagging. Because when we know our mistakes during the process, then only we get ideas to learn more. That’s the part of growth. 

They both are highly motivated to the core. 

Q. What are your short and long-term goals? 

Our short-term goal is to – do our best like we are doing right now and, bring improvements, learn more and more, and gain experience. 

Our Long term goal is to build a multinational corporate giant. 

Q. For what thing, you are most thankful for while working together? 

The only thing we will say that – you just need a person whom you can trust, and he must be loyal, and be a great motivation to grab the hands in hard times as well as perfect understanding between each other. 

And we believe we have these things, in both of us. 

Q. How is your entrepreneurial life affecting your social life? 

We did forget about our social lives because we didn’t get enough time and one of the main things is that you need to invest time in yourself because it will help you to grow more and more in the future. Other things are just a waste of time if that’s not productive or add values, you do need to have fun but still, productivity should be your main focus. Be the best version of yourself. Maintain your productive life where you can learn, grow, and enhance yourself. 

Q. What thoughts would you like to share with us?

Anshuman – Create passion, never stop learning, enhance, and develop your skills, work on yourself, utilize your time in good things, improve your thoughts. And just start, whatever you want. 

Aditya – I have one perfect line and that is – Don’t be a buyer, be a farmer. Grow for yourself, and enjoy it. When you gain something great in life then you don’t have to worry about other things because your efforts are your proof. Be a self-motivator, consume good thoughts. Enhance your knowledge and experience. 

Conclusion – 

“Nothing can dim the light, which shines from within”. 

Your thoughts are responsible for your future and what you will be in the future, it is decided by the present. So do your work and never give up.

Searckey Marketing and Media

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