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Varun Datta Dives Into Music Industry, Releases “New Day”

Varun Datta is a businessman who has decided to give his shot at music with his new release of “New Day.” The song is an EDM instrumental that provides energy for listeners who are stuck at home and need it most. Varun Datta’s track is meant to give new hope to anyone who listens with the song’s positive melodic spirit.

Datta’s track starts strong with a clean, spaced-out guitar riff that makes the listener feel like they are on vacation in Palm Springs. This island melody is soon interrupted by Varun Datta’s beat drop, which comes about 18 seconds in. Instantly things change from beach vibes to a party atmosphere.

The producer’s track is a well put together blend of smooth, calming melodies mixed with electronic drums that make for a solid track. With these different feelings, Varun Datta truly is giving people an escape with “New Days.”

Stream Varun Datta’s “New Day” on Spotify here.

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