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The Glamorous Life of Mimoza Thaqi – A Blogger

Mimoza Thaqi is one of many young girls out there who have started something they loved and achieved. She is an inspiration for all of us, including the new generation this Albanian born British Instagram Influencer, Blogger, Fashion Icon, and Model has inspired a lot of your girls with her work.

Mimoza Thaqi is a fine example of following dreams throughout the time and actually making changes with their work in the world. This beautiful young model has made modelling full-time work for her. She started growing followers on Instagram with her style and beauty tips, and eventually became a well-known, well-liked young influencer for a lot of young teens out there.

Mimoza Thaqi has been modelling since the age of 17. So far, she has achieved a lot of success and name for her. This beautiful young influencer has a substantial following on Instagram and has been on the cover of Slovenian National Newspaper. She has also modelled for famous brands like RedBull, Orphica Cosmetics, LyreFitness, Tony’s Pitta restaurant, along with FemmeLuxe and Nasty Girl Clothing brand.

Her previous work experience and fashion sense have led her to make her clothing brand to inspire a lot more teens with her unique ideas and fashion sense. Mimoza Thaqi has started her clothing brand known as MimozaLuxe.

MimozaLuxe has quite a collection of the clothes you want and also some new and unique designs and style from none other than Mimoza Thaqi herself. All of this happened because she is determined, active, full of energy, and want to make changes in the world.

We believe that Mimoza Thaqi is now ready to show her love and passion for style and fashion throughout her clothing brand. Let’s wait and see what else this young inspirational model/influencer brings to the table with her clothing brand MimozaLuxe.

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