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Nicholas Duro is determined help social gatherings reopen safely using Private Island, a Social Passport App

Private Island, available on the app store, creates a social bubble around a future event, such as a conference, wedding, trip, production, for social gatherings to take place as safely as possible. Hosts on the app must send an invitation or approve requests from potential guests, keeping each event entirely exclusive. The hosts may set to require COVID testing of the guests. This is done by either requiring each invited guest to take a PCR test at any clinic of their choice and upload the test to Private Island, whose system verifies the results as a legitimate negative PCR test and clears the user for 48 hours from the time the test was taken. While clear, the user shows a green heart on their profile and can receive tickets to events. The Private Island test verification system will only accept PCR tests which are the highest accuracy tests – “Data show ID NOW performance of 95.0% sensitivity and 97.9% specificity within seven days of symptom onset”. It is possible to be infected but not shedding virus to show on the test, this would also suggest that you are not yet contagious. With these incubation periods we must keep in mind that although it is an effective tool for managing such events as responsibly as possible, this is not the silver bullet solution and those with high risk factors should continue to shelter in place and social distance.

Today from corporate executives to Hollywood productions these strategies are being used to keep the lights on, and it’s now time we have this conversation with other sectors who are in need of solutions

This summer, Private Island has shown the effectiveness of this model across 10 countries in Europe including Monaco, Croatia, Italy, Switzerland the UK and Germany. Most recently Private Island held a launch event to show the world this technology by flying 15 famous social media influencers to join a social bubble in Hawaii. Throughout all of these trips and events sponsored by Private Island, there has been strong pre-travel and post travel testing carrying a perfectly clean record with no cases as a result.

“This should not be a political conversation,” shared CEO Nicholas Duro,”This is an issue of health and science, which testing data can play a huge role in helping us solve. Private Island will remain at the forefront of social development during our journey through the pandemic safely and beyond.”

If a user has been vaccinated, they can also submit their documentation by email for a vaccinated badge.

The app was launched in November and already has over 15,000 active users.

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