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Mobile App Provides Access to Charities and Tax Deductions for a New Generation of Donors: Micro-Philanthropists

Users can choose to donate to one of over 1.9 million charities in their database and can do so until the last day of the Tax Year, December 31, 2020.  

Santa Monica, CA – There are over 1.9 million charities, 90,000 foundations, and around 300,000 churches and places in America that fight various problems where people can donate their money. Available on both iOS and Android, the Givelist app allows more people the ability to donate to any one of these with a touch of a button, whenever they want, from one place, creating a simple, easy yet transparent program generally reserved for ultra-high net worth individuals and foundations. 

Founded by Jonathan Beck, the Givelist app does not require fees for the charity to pay compared to other donation sites, and with the one-tap donation similar to Venmo, giving dollars and tax reporting are all in one place. And those using the platform can create a givelist and publish it for others to give to. 

“I think products like Venmo and Robinhood have proven that you can stay in business and offer financial services for free. We’d like to see everyone in the US that donates have a Givelist within the next five years”, said Beck.

Users can connect their bank account to an online giving account in the Givelist app and store their funds until they decide to give to the charity of their choice – this gives users an immediate tax write off. This is a beneficial way to donate in the future as amounts can be edited easily, donations are made in just one-tap, and users can see where their contribution went through unique impact cards within the app. 

Unlike other large financial firms like Fidelity or TD Ameritrade, the Givelist app offers an excellent social and mobile experience made for the 99%. It enables users to discover new charities and causes and access to local charities active in each user’s community.

The Givelist app, headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, was founded by Beck, who wanted to build something that would allow users to live more meaningful lives. Everyone, even Millennials, can now be part of the solution to unending problems and make a difference.

Follow the Givelist app on Social Media at Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn @givelistapp, and on Twitter at @givelist or visit the website at

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About Givelist app

Givelist app is the only complete donation platform made for the 99%, with Giving Accounts, Impact reporting, a discovery process that allows you to find new charities and causes, and a social aspect to see where your community is giving. Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, it has complete access to charities and foundations where users can choose which recipient. This platform has become a bridge for people to showcase solidarity through charitable deeds.

About Jonathan Beck

Jonathan Beck was among the first employees of two Fintech companies – MarketRiders being one of them. He’s also the resident Growth Hacker and Advisor at Mucker Capital, which is considered to be one of the top-ranked accelerators across the globe and the birthplace of several Southern California Unicorns such as ServiceTitan and Honey.

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