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Chateau Salvagnac, Champagne Vantz Clippert, and Pierre Olivier Joffard…..…a French history of elegance…

Mark Philipps, 

Los Angeles, 15th December 2020

At the best tables of Beverly Hills upper restaurants for decades, I was recently still observing the prestige of French wines that, without a doubt are still running the show.

Obviously the New World has succeeded in developing very great vintages but, it must be said from the newlyweds to the old couple, through the top executives of the business districts of the world capital, the very French wine lies in the projection of the image of its villages and its hillsides where the greatest painters were inspired; and also, it must be said, to a certain French “art de vivre” because as it’s used to be said in France: “for a glass of French wine…. Who needs a reason…?!”

Pierre Olivier JOFFARD is a denicheur of terroirs and creator of atypical wines. He is a wine producer in Languedoc. His property is called CHATEAU SALVAGNAC and he is also the creator of the CHAMPAGNE VANTZ CLIPPERT brand.

Pierre Olivier JOFFARD knew how to feel the potential of the unique terroir of CHATEAU SALVAGNAC which can become one of the 100 best wines in the world. Its ageing potential is incredible and its distribution is still confidential. There is no doubt that it is a nugget in the making. In finance it looks like it could be a unicorn. 

It has inherited from its Berry origins, its strength and perseverance. His talent is to know how to smell the terroir and to have a gift for blending to obtain the quintessence of the wines. 

His strategy has been to create a very high-end property and for the last 15 years every effort has been made in this direction. The wine must reflect elegance and luxury in its raw state.  

Being benchmarked all along the years within the sommelier’s world, “CHATEAU SALVAGNAC must become the “PETRUS or the ROMANEE CONTI” of the Languedoc” precised the industry experts and leading online wine sales datas, “It has been tasted by 2 of the best sommeliers in the world. One of them even said that it would be a Future Grand Vin even though the wines were not quite ready to be tasted yet…”

“We only sell ready-to-drink wines with an ageing in our cellars of more than 10 years, which in the current context is almost unique in the world” he precised.

CHATEAU SALVAGNAC is located in the hills 2kms from a small town in the Languedoc region of southern France. The environment is exceptional and a winery in cut stone has been built in an amphitheater of vines and scrubland. Its terroir at an altitude of 200m, made up of a multitude of different soils, allows Mourvedre to come to maturity and provide the quintessence of this king grape variety.

The great diversity of terroirs and the large number of grape varieties used in blends give a very wide range, from fruity and supple wines to vintages for laying down, starting with the genuine “appellation”

The innovative design of the bottles and labels is reminiscent of the luxurious world of perfume. All these wines are gathered around a COLLECTION and entitled EXTRAIT. 

Awarded 97/100 from Wine Enthusiast

Chateau Salvagnac Extrait N°1015 Vintage 2007  / Champagne Vantz Clippert

As my dinner progressed, I realized that my bottle of Chateau Salvagnac, with its Mediterranean spirit, tasty and generous, calls for a tasty cuisine, starting with an assortment of tapas or summer grills such as lamb chops, sausages and merguez or chicken legs, and garnishes based on tomatoes, peppers or eggplants, simply grilled à la plancha and drizzled with a dash of olive oil. I could also say that it goes well with the marked taste of a leg of lamb roasted with thyme flower or a filet mignon in a casserole and would also go very well with meat-based dishes, or a pigeon pastilla. 

In my opinion and after 15 years of maturity, it also goes very well with simmered dishes such as a fricassee of poultry or piglet, stews and stews, and for amateurs, a roasted filet de marcassin or hare leg.

Its annual production is very limited and reserved for lovers of great wines and discoveries.  Its exclusive character on several criteria is exceptional.

The discovery by the amateurs is each time a delight for them like a unique work of art. Its confidentiality guarantees its authenticity. 

“Clients are hand-picked. We want our customers to be enlightened amateurs and to become friends. The human relationship is very important to us » highlighted Pierre Olivier, “our exportations starts to pick up drastically since 6 months to satisfy our traditional global clients”

Spirit, quality, history and price….. A must taste for a 2020 awarded wine……

Contact : Pierre Olivier JOFFARD

Tel (Whatapps): +33 6 89 63 36 55

Mail :

Prysma Medias UK

Mark Philipps.

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