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Meet Soumo Sarbadhikari the Millionaire Indian Entrepreneur who plans to connect a billion users with Cryptocurrency by 2030

Invest in Air and Crypto. – By Soumo Sarbadhikari : BillionDad Group

BillionDad Group owner Soumo Sarbadhikari is a quiet one. He avoids the limelight to stay focused on his aim. What is it you ask? A stark effort to rebuke neobanking through blockchain technology

Sources suggest he has amassed a crypto fund north of 65 million dollars. And he expects cryptocurrency to grow 2000% in market capitalization by 2025.

When asked what he plans to do with it? In typical demeanor he replies,” I plan to invest in Air and Bitcoin. Clean air is life. I believe the future is colonized by those who has the upper hand on cleaner air. And with Crypto i can liquidate money which can get me a house, vehicle, food and water. Everything else goes to helping others, find new roads with Crypto”.

He plans to invest more into cleaner alternatives like solar, hydro, geothermal and desalination plants to actively support the local communities amidst the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. While on the other hand, in a centralized era of inflation he plans to bring his blockchain based marketplace token by 2022. This will include real estate, e-commerce and banking.

When asked about these changes, he states,”I am determined, publicly listed big data enterprises are looking that way, yet they have more to lose if they reinstutionalize the sector that shaped them till now. So, others like us have to come in to fill the void and take the control back”

World Conglomerates are peevishly jumping in, with JP Morgan Chase Bank being the first among many to back crypto with a lot of medium and small entities using Blockchain for logistics, record keeping in universal categories, smart contracts reporting, security, defense and white label telecommunications. Centennial Billionaires and Acclaimed investors along-with Banking giants are recognizing the mammoth that came into existence 12 years ago.

This entrepreneur has made Malaysia his home, but he says he is looking to move west for his work to gain momentum.

When asked about the viability of his aspirations in times of COVID-19, he smiles, “It is a good question.

I firmly believe the socially distanced new normal has affected globalization permanently. And continued liberalization on digital asset protection and wealth management has paved the way for a long line of new family offices in Europe”.

“We are the new masters. But we will reform what needs to be reformed in an orderly manner free of red tape and corruption”

As of now, BillionDad Group is owned by Mr Sarbadhikari and all his 17 employees are paid freelancers. His holding group has several smaller subsidiaries which are in embryo stage at this point. He further states “Running a company with less to no payroll is the motive, since i believe everyone should invest and open their own business. The idea being, the best and the brightest should join forces and do good for the rest.

He usually rotates and hires new minds which aid him in achieving his goal of blockchain domination and decentralization. He plans to make UK his residence of work and living, once the situation and travel opens in his favor.

Referring to the fast digitalization, Mr Sarbadhikari comments on the impact he wants to make on Earth, if aided in his vision by big data and tech groups. He is determined to make cryptocurrency accessible to a billion heads. His subsidiary BillionOne will distribute hundred thousand tokens worth 1£(pound) to the local community and organize free training classes, a thing which he does even today. He believes a connected world is better decentralized and best kept public. We wish him best of luck for his future endeavors.

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