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Eryk Nasternak- the new face of online marketing in Germany and Poland

Eryk Nasternak is a young professional digital marketer from Poland. The 21-year-old is the founder of Scan4Free and ENA consulting which are both well-respected names in the digital market. Nasternak is accredited for making it big in his field without any formal education. At a relatively young age, he has managed to earn a name for himself in the cut-throat competition of digital marketing. His satisfied clients range over from all over Europe as well as the United States.

Eryk Nasternak has successfully helped various corporations and small businesses optimize their digital options. And that too in the Covid-19 era, which has changed the dynamics of every business. Nasternak has proven himself to be not only trustworthy but adaptable too.

Born in Staszow, Poland, Nasternak moved to Germany with his mother for a better life when he was just 11 years old. He had a tough childhood but he was a fighter. At the age of 19, he became a manager at a local grocery store before pursuing a career in digital marketing. However, once he started, he was quick to climb the proverbial success ladder.

Today, Nasternak is widely regarded as the face of digital marketing in Poland and Germany. He deals with clients all across England, America, Germany, and Poland.

Although his agency generally deals in online marketing solutions for businesses, their forte is Facebook marketing. Nasternak is also proficient in marketing landing pages and branding.

Recently, ENA consultancy was named “Top Service Provider ” for the year 2020 in Germany due to the customized service that guarantees quick and effective results. Many companies have come forward with praise for Nasternak and his agency. They revealed that his efforts enabled them to reach a wider audience and penetrate deeper into their online target audience.

Nasternak is slowly, but surely becoming one of the most distinguished digital marketers in Germany and Poland. He believes in catering to each client according to their unique goals. Whether it is increasing sales or brand awareness, the tailored ads are equally effective in achieving the desired outcome. His core competencies include intelligent advisory, effective communication, and catering to customer requests.

By 2021, Nasternak hopes for his company to be the best online marketing agency across entire Europe. The goal seems like a very reasonable possibility if his market reputation is any indication. Eryk Nasternak is surely on a one-track road to becoming one of the most distinguished digital marketing experts in Europe.

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