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Unprecedented Research: How Two Canadians are Changing Wall Street

The Allure of Wall Street

There’s a unique allure to the idea of Wall Street. The sizable banking bonuses, intelligent stock market traders analyzing graphs and executing trades, and the oversized egos that come along with it. To onlookers, Wall Street may seem like a cohort of ivy-league educated individuals who possess all the power. However, this conception is far from the truth, especially for the two Canadians who created Stock Sharks, with the intention of helping retail investors compete with Wall Street through their unprecedented research. 

Stock Sharks – Who are they?

Headquartered in Canada and backed by a team of eight international and diverse employees. Stock Sharks offers unparalleled stock market research which offers clarity and real-time financial news. Stock Sharks offers their services, so that investors can make the best, most informed investment decisions.

The idea for Stock Sharks came to Sheraz Ali when he found himself unsatisfied by what financial advisors were offering him. He was interested in high-risk investments, but most banks and advisors weren’t offering that. That is when Sheraz took things into his own hands and found JR Sylvester, who had plenty experience in trading in the markets.

After seeing how well educated JR was, Sheraz got the idea to come together to create a business and community where others could turn to for help with investing. Now three years later, they’ve gained an impressive amount of subscribers worldwide.

The Stock Shark Community

Determined to give value, the crux of the company’s mission statement is: quality over quantity. A phrase that has yielded success as seen in their robust and lively community that is growing by over 65%  year-over-year.

“We highly value our community and pride ourselves on being able to help anyone,”

commented Sheraz Ali, one of the co-founders of Stock Sharks. 

The duo credits their company’s success in understanding strengths and weaknesses, acknowledging each mistake, and using them to grow. There has been some trial and error, but thanks to extensive research, Sheraz, JR, and their team have created educational courses for investors of every stage to use and learn from.

They offer courses made specially for individuals just starting, investors looking to learn more, and companies that want to enhance their business practices through trading. Stock Sharks also provides its members with a custom-built chat interface, which is continuously getting tweaked and upgraded.

Join the Family Today

Aiming to challenge the allure of Wall Street by providing unprecedented research to their clients — Stock Sharks is doing things differently. Their focus is on community service with emphasis on providing value to each individual as they may need it.

The Stock Shark community harbors a sentiment that feels like family. All members are welcomed  regardless of skill level and are encouraged to speak up whenever they have questions.  To stay up-to-date with Stock Sharks follow their Instagram, website and facebook for news, expert knowledge, and updates. 

Media Details:

Contact Name: Sheraz Ali 

Instagram: @stocksharks 

Residence: Canada 

Company Name: Stock Sharks



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