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Junglebizz – One Of The Most Eco-Friendly Baby Brands in 2020

When a new life is brought into this world, we cradle their soft and delicate bodies while whispering promises of a beautiful life into their tiny ears. One of the best ways we, as parents, can live up to that promise is to leave this world a little bit better than it was when we took our first breaths. Junglebizz is helping parents all around the world do exactly that by providing safe and sustainable baby clothing that helps to clean up the environment with every purchase.

Junglebizz started with a dream to make the world a better place for children. They make 100% organic cotton baby clothes, and for every product purchased, they turn right around and give back by cleaning up the environment.

Every time someone buys a product from Junglebizz – no matter what the product is – they promise to either plant 5 trees or clean up one pound of plastic from the ocean.

“We believe that no matter where we live or what language we speak, we are connected through the earth that we live on. Therefore, we would like to do our best at keeping the planet clean and fresh by giving back.”

-Junglebizz founder

100% Organic Cotton

The health and safety of the planet is Junglebizz’ top priority, and it begins with the little ones that wear their clothing.

The textile industry uses tons of harmful chemicals when they produce clothing, and they don’t have any reservations when they make baby clothes. Some of the most popular brands use phthalates, antimony, PFCs, NPEs, organotin compounds, and heavy metals (including lead!) in their production processes. When babies wear non-organic clothing, they are at risk of breathing in these harmful chemicals and having them come in contact with their sensitive skin.

The organic cotton that Junglebizz uses in all of their baby clothing is completely safe for every baby to wear so parents can have one less thing to worry about. Bringing a new life into the world is filled with as much uncertainty as possibility. Junglebizz intends to ease parents’ minds while simultaneously making the whole world a better place.

Beyond Baby Clothes

As if providing safe and comfortable baby clothes, planting trees, and cleaning up our oceans isn’t enough, Junglebizz doesn’t plan on stopping their philanthropic endeavors there. Their company is just a baby itself – founded in 2020 – but it has big plans to expand their store’s offerings in 2021, and with their growth they intend to do even more good in the world.

“Later on, we have goals to build schools and hospitals in the less fortunate countries around the world, “ – Junglebizz founder, said. “We want to help all the children feel good and live a happy and healthy life.”

Today, you can shop Junglebizz for a 100% organic cotton baby bathrobe with an animal hood. Their inventory will be growing so that, eventually, parents can purchase all their baby needs from a single reliable source.

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