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Meet the plug: How Aramis Nia, the teenage fashion reseller found success

Aramis Nia’s 2020 lifestyle was not at all like any regular teen his age. The 17 year old high school senior is taking the LA fashion game by storm. Supplying celebrities such as Trippie Redd, Ayo and Teo, A1Billionaire, members of the A$AP mob, and NBA and NFL players. He has what you can’t just go by at a store, many of the pieces being bought by these high end clientele are either 1 of 1 or unreleased. “They want to know that when they are walking down the street, absolutely no one will have the same pieces on. They want what no one else has,” Nia explained. 

The way he started his empire actually goes back to a smaller scale, selling on platforms such as StockX, Goat, and Grailed. Then moving his way up as a wholesaler to stores in Los Angeles. Making connections selling mainly Vlone and hyped sneaker releases. The brand Nia is most passionate about is Vlone. When asked why Nia explained, “There’s just something about the brand and the connections you make when you wear it that really made me fall in love with Vlone”.

Today, Nia still caters as a wholesale supplier to multiple stores in the LA area, mostly focussed in the Melrose/Fairfax District. He also currently takes requests for special orders that any of his clientele might need in a short notice. Nia said, “One of my favorite things is having a couple of hours and a large budget to find a certain piece for someone. It’s always cool because I end up delivering it to a video shoot, and it’s dope seeing the process”. Nia is currently working to set up a website but in the meantime the best way to contact him would be through Instagram DM “@aramis.nia”.  This was really a year to remember for Aramis Nia and he is only going up from here from what we’ve heard.

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