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Introducing Nickolas Wildstar, California’s Next Governor

Nickolas Wildstar at the annual Wine & Liberty event hosted by the Alameda County Libertarian Party at Westover Winery in Castro Valley.

Nickolas Wildstar arrived on the scene in early 2018 as a Libertarian candidate for California Governor. If he had won that election, he would have been the first Black governor of California. He was new to politics, but despite that, his popularity among the people of California was incredible. In the 2018 election for Governor of California, where the major parties were in a power-focused feeding frenzy, he received over 12,000 votes. Despite being a candidate for a minor party in a tough election, his popularity won out with many voters in California that were tired of the corrupt business as usual in the Golden State.

Nickolas dedicated much of his life to improving the lives of California’s youth, to provide them greater opportunity and a better quality of life. His dedication towards social issues and improving life for the people of California has gone beyond what anyone could have expected, and that is what many credit as being his key to placing in the top 5 vote-getters in the 2018 gubernatorial election.

Nickolas is very aware of the irregularities and corruption at play in California’s politics, and he has raised his voice many times against these illegal actions. This pushing back against the system has gotten to the point where he found himself arrested simply for his efforts to fight against corruption in the Golden State. He has never betrayed the people’s trust, nor his principles, even at the cost of his own liberty, all in service to the people of California.

Youth Engagement

Nickolas has been loud and clear about his motives: he wants to empower the next generations. As such, he strives to engage young people in the political process. Livability and affordability issues plague the younger generations as they try to gain a foothold in California. As future leaders, he wants to ensure that they are involved in the decisions that will impact the rest of their lives and learn how to create a better world for others. However, he needs support from California’s community to join his team and create a brighter future for the Golden State. He’s calling for volunteers to “Help us restore freedom, prosperity, and safety in California today.”

Nickolas Wildstar stands alongside civil rights activist Stevante Clark for a photo at his ‘Stephon’s House Community Center’ in Sacramento.

Economic Revolution

Living in the greatest single economy in the United States, Nickolas knows the fact that California’s people are getting poorer day by day is atrocious. He believes in cutting red tape for individuals and businesses to help create more job opportunities for everyone. By cutting economic restrictions, we can help reduce the poverty rate, homelessness, the housing crisis, and other livability issues in California while making our state a more prosperous place for all, not just the political class and the privileged few.

Final Words

Nickolas Wildstar is a young and energetic visionary who always has the welfare of the California people at heart. If you are tired of the status quo of inaction and corruption in California, consider voting for Nickolas for Governor. He will work tirelessly to solve everyday Californians’ issues and make the state a better and more affordable place to live without selling out to special interests. Vote Wildstar for Governor! For more information visit

Theodore Gercken

Host of Third Party News Podcast

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