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SPACES-Pasadena, Playhouse District: Getting Back to Business in Co-working Spaces

Living in today’s world, Zoom meetings and video chats are more popular than ever. Although working remotely is becoming a common normality due to COVID-19, it will never replace what is in our human nature: a desire for social connection. From in-person meetings, hands-on presentations, and catered lunches, nothing beats the experience of being in the office. It can be strange to ease yourself back into a social work environment, but that is where co-working spaces come into play. Allowing you to get out of your bubble, co-working spaces provide flexibility, comfort, and the opportunity to facilitate new professional connections.

Getting back to business today is more prevalent than ever. It’s a time to refocus, create partnerships, and secure new opportunities. This office experience is made available at SPACES-Pasadena, Playhouse District. Providing you with the option of 8 meeting rooms, 46 designated desks, and 114 private offices, you will be sure to find yourself in the finest environment for productivity and inspiration — alongside other businesses and like-minded professionals. Efficient networking is at your fingertips; you are in control of your workspace here!

To top it off, SPACES will even help you adapt to the new normal by reducing risks through flexible workspace solutions.

From your very own private office space to a dedicated desk or a virtual office, we have a workspace for your every need.

At SPACES-Pasadena, the ongoing safety of our members is our number one priority. Necessary protocols are in place to ensure that the highest standards of precautionary measures meet the global health and safety regulations. High traffic areas are cleaned frequently, physical distancing is taken into account, and facial masks are provided if needed, and more. Moreover, SPACES-Pasadena is here to ensure you have the necessary tools in order to succeed. From high-speed internet, 24-hour access to your office, coffee and tea service, a professional address, mail handling, reception and live phone answering services, and a global network of 3500 locations you can work out of, SPACES provides support to your business like no other.

Located in the trendy Playhouse District, SPACES-Pasadena is in a beautiful, thriving neighborhood surrounded by a variation of restaurants, cafes, and plenty of retail shops. Parking is also available underground as well as above-ground off of Colorado Blvd. You are also just steps away from the metro line. Commuters stress no more!

Get back to business at SPACES-Pasadena, where you’ll find a time (and a space!) for anything.

SPACES-Pasadena is currently offering significantly discounted prices up-front to reduce initial costs on long-term leases.

Fixed terms of 3–12 months: 50% off

Fixed terms of 13–24 months: 50% off year 1; 25% off year 2

Fixed terms of 25–36 months: 50% off year 1; 25% off year 2; 15% off year 3

Month to Month: 50% off first 6 months only

Ready to schedule your tour today? Contact Area Sales Manager David Morrison, at (626)-469–2100 or via e-mail at

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