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This 14 Year Old Makes More Money Than You

(Oh, and she’s also giving it away.)

When they call Zoe Blaire a triple threat – they’re not kidding.

At the tender age of just 14, Zoe has already enjoyed a career that would make most adults green with envy. As a successful print and campaign model for the likes of H&M, Suave, Tylenol, and even the coveted House of Mouse, Disney, Zoe quickly began to build a reputation as the next “It” girl in the industry. Harnessing the power of her talents as a singer/songwriter also garnered her attention from Grammy award winner PJ Olsson and will be releasing her first single in the new year. For many teenagers, being a highly-sought after model and an up-and-coming musical artist would be enough – but not for Zoe.

In 2020, Zoe took the leap into becoming a full-fledged teenage boss babe by launching her very own skincare line. With so much time spent under the harsh lights on set and countless hours in the studio or on tour, and inspired by other skincare gurus she admires, Zoe set out to create a luxury skincare line that delivered incredible results for every skin type, age, or gender. Believing that self-care and skincare go hand-in-hand, Zoe wanted her brand to focus on boosting confidence and celebrating personal beauty.

While an incredibly successful model herself, Zoe felt it was important to bring new, fresh, and diverse faces into the limelight. Conducting a model search on her personal website, Zoe set out to promote self-love and positivity in the industry, and has also committed to donating a portion of all profits to charitable organizations in an effort to make the world a more positive and beautiful place.

Singer. Songwriter. Model. Business-Mogul. Philanthropist.

A triple threat? No. Zoe Blaire has already proved to be so much more.

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