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Incredible as it seem this is a case that no one would ever believe to have seen. There are many versions of how the poor little Cláudia Alexandra Sousa dissapeared at age 7 , in May 13 in a mysterious and strange way at Vila Verde, Braga in Portugal in 1994. according to different newspapers there are various strange versions of how she disapeared in a mysterious way, and even though she is still alive today after 25 years Cláudia Alexandra finally found out who she really is and what happend to her. Without going in much details she belives that she was possibly sold to a family in another country, one who could not have own children or simply stolen away by someone close to the family or in the family who prentended to be her mother. Cláudia wants her real mother Maria de Jesus Alves to know that she is still alive breathing but she will never be the same again as she once used to be, “I wanna go home to Portugal but the police in Portugal did not help me at any point to somehow tell my family that i AM still alive”. With another name today, it is not easy to have a double life, with a totally new and different id, age, name and even her appearance were changed during all these years even though, Cláudia Alexandra still knows that she is now a women at age 32-33 years old. Born in 13.03.1987, speaks spanish and portuguese (PT) originally. Today she speaks also english, norwegian and is a faithful Christian women who says that her faith kept her alive through all these years of struggles and suffering, “imagine have your life and id stolen, your family, you must repeat schools and etc when your in fact are an adult wearing child clothes”. She was told in Brazil, Curitiba in 2019 that she was a victim of internacional human traffic, she did at first not believe it but after 1 year of investigation trying to finding her real identity she understood the puzzle of her life. Rumors of that her father had sold her for “400 réis” might not be so untrue after all, this explains a lot for her and makes sence the way people acted and treated her “I ask for help but no one do anything, is like they are paid to be quiet about me!” Contracts were made in brazil, são paolo by some mens, She also say that after the police in Curitiba was informed about the false birth certification copy and id papers given to her, they believed she was kidnapped and possibly not even a brazilian at all, or triple nacionality. She held her breath crying, a bit later all of this inclunding gangs of ‘x prostitutes womens’ made sence for her and why the police looked for what they call operação “Lava-jato” and “O mapa da mina” etc. As portuguese childrens are sold to America, Cláudia Alexandra Aka JAESSEY today believe that many other childrens or teens might be victim of a stolen life without even know just as she has and still is. “I have never been in contact with my real family since my disapearance, there was never an adoption otherwise they would have told me, people say i might have been druged”. Today Cláudia Alexandra Silva e Sousa writes her own music, song lyrics in silince emotianally, she always said its a gift to survive, “i recogizned my first drawings and bookcovers from my basic school, and i can not believe such horrible things are possible in someones life to happen, we live in a extremely sick and cruel world, but hey im still alive and know God will always watch over me otherwise i would be dead, bless whoever have a huge heart and can help me home to my family”. Representing today Jéssyka De Souza Fernandes, who has been living a double life in various country, and places without even knowing anything and that she was missing for over 25 years! Untill this year after investigation, things makes sence. After all this come to be revealed, it has been a huge shock to her as for any normal humanbeings after a life like that she has and still struggles to not think about the horror story she has lived durring all these 25 years and all the lies she has been told by the criminals involved. “But where are my classmates from the picture now? I recognize your faces and i miss them so much”. Sadly it is possibly that a maid stoled her or simple someone who might have knew her family in Portugal,Bragas,Vila Verde Oleiros. With a double identity today Cláudia Alexandra Silva e Sousa is a singer-songwriter, writer at age 33 years old who has lived in Norway for nearly 18-19 years.

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