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Brauch Owens, aka Brxuch: A 19-Year-Old Turning Heads With his Music and his Business Savvy

In short time, 19-year-old Atlanta native Brauch Owens has established himself as a promising young business mogul in the music industry. By building media strategy agencies from scratch and his work as a social media and marketing influencer, Owens has gained nationwide recognition for his accomplishments, including catching the eyes of A-list rappers like Future and A$AP Rocky. However, Owens still possessed the need to pursue his original passion in music and has taken the next step in his artistry. This is Brxuch.

Brxuch began writing music at age 14 as a way to cope with personal ongoings in his life and to share the emotional and physical journeys he was going through. Now, Brxuch spends his days writing and brainstorming song ideas, and his nights are spent working out those same ideas in the studio. Establishing himself as having the same determination for his music as he does for his business, Brxuch is becoming recognized as one of the hardest working producers on the rise currently. “I want people to feel a connection and have my songs make them think.” Brxuch’s work ethic and persistence for his craft landed him a contract with the young new wave label, RUMOR Records.

As a producer, Brxuch relies on funneling and redirecting his emotions into the music he is making. Taking his real-life experience and feelings, Brxuch’s sonics create an aura of warmth and realism few other producers at his level can match. With an upper hand in talent and business, Brxuch is set for a breakout soon – even more so with his recently released trio of singles through RUMOR Records. With a new album set to be released soon, which Brxuch claims will sound much different from his already released music, all eyes are on the young Atlanta producer.

To learn more about Brauch Owens, and his music as Brxuch, check out his website and follow him on Instagram.

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