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From shepherding acts like Dblac(WASHINGTON D.C) , and K13 (UNITED KINGDOM) Determined to build a Empire Shannon Collins aka YOUNG S.H.O designed his own company from scratch, the local rapper from Johnston SC, an  entrepreneur is building his new reign. YOUNG S.H.O, was winning gold medals in track and field long before he became  champion on the MIC. Music have always been simultaneous for me,” says SHO, who operates his own music and distributes  his music and Labels music Through EMPIRE DISTRIBUTION and record label, Owned by Ghazi Shami., responsible for hits from Money Man, Migos, and Tyga, KING VON(RIP) and many more, has seen something in SPL ENT owned by YOUNG SHO but  brought to the table by Sub label Trap Religion. Owned by Cos and Earl good friends and Mentors. Shannon Collins, Mother: ( Mildred Price)  brothers( Khalif Price aka Huncho  Kevo) and (Antonio Price, deceased AKA BIG 250) play major parts in his life but losing one of these three in late April 2019 would take a toll on the Rapper from Johnston. We asked him how did it felt to lose your brother? (sho: I lost a piece of me and I can never get it back) Sho has felt with many things from health to loss of family etc and  he has still found a way to rise up. Sho said Growing up in Johnston Molded him in so many ways from fights with his now best Friend Vamp who was poisoned and now he not been the same hurt Young sho but he took that as a lesson to learn and all he wants to do is go back and help change his life and many others who means so much to the Artist, Cousin Tracey Gary his second mom as he would say, Kip, Willie Joe, Fred price , T brooks, Cody J, Big Q, Ivan, Treyco, Tasia, and many more.

We asked young Sho who was his secret crush when he was a kid and if given a chance would he take it?

Sho: I can’t say her name but I have loved that women since the 6th grade when I first met her she was and still is everything to me Redbone her mom sweet as hell and her brothers like my brothers love and respect them daily. What’s next For YOUNG S.H.O?New album called Apotheosis and a hit single called Elevate with feature Head Krack. dropping 2/14/2021 on all major platforms. 
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