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When Fate meets Fortune: How 2 College Students from Orange County formed Relentless Sports Consulting to defeat Vegas

The Process of Creating a Diamond

To create a diamond, you need two things: extreme heat and immense pressure. Otherwise, you may find yourself looking at a zirconium, a mineral that looks like a diamond, but has a significantly different make-up and value to a diamond. This distinction serves as a reminder that to be successful it is paramount to go through a process of development. For Tawwab Qargha and Shayaan Hashemi, the CEOs of Relentless Sports Consulting, their process is what made them into diamonds.

The duo met in their college years where they were neighbors in the same high-rise building. With Shayaan studying Economics and possessing a strong acumen for understanding people and Tawwab’s ability to synthesize numbers — the two did not know their relationship and skill sets would manifest into their business Relentless Sports Consulting years later.

“I love the pressure. A lot of people depend on you and delivering for people feels good.” Tawwab remarked. This mentality has allowed the Relentless Sports Consulting team to have an astonishing win percentage of 73% throughout this NFL season amongst all of their plays with their whale plays featuring an 80% win rate. “We want the results to be the brand image because we are that good.” 

How to Become a Diamond

Tawwab, now 30 years of age has been a professional sports consultant for almost a decade, he has achieved great success and reached financial freedom with his picks. Prior to his success, Tawwab recalls a moment where he was in debt and decided to leverage money he had to sports bet. Initially expecting to see a bundle of losing bets, Tawwab was pleasantly surprised to see his account grow in the first few days placing bets. Soon, Tawwab realized he had a knack for picking winners as his account balance steadily grew week-by-week. In fact, his account grew so much that he was able to pay his debt off entirely and still had a substantial amount of money left over.  

A Champion’s Mindset

This instance made Tawwab realize that he had an innate skill for finding value in sports, so he took it and ran with it. In his junior year of college he started taking advanced statistics and created an algorithm based on various stats (yards per game, catches per game, average points, etc), so he could simulate and predict certain outcomes based on numbers. When his algorithms proved to be accurate; he never looked back and soon he joined together with Shayaan to create Relentless Sports Consulting.

The company name, Relentless Sports Consulting, is a testament to the demeanor of the company to find value for their clients. Determined to win and surpass all expectations for their clients — the team wakes up early each morning with a relentless mindset to find and bring value. 

“Champions aren’t made in gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them. A desire, a dream, a vision.” Tawwab said with a smile. “I’m just willing to go through the pressure and heat and that’s why I can say we are diamonds.” 

Media Details:

Contact Name: Tawwab Q

Instagram: @relentlesssportsconsulting

Residence: San Diego, California

Company Name: Relentless Sports Consulting



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