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The Ripple Effect Of Vicken Eskidjian In The Basketball Community

[GLENDALE, Calif.,] Vicken Eskidjian, now known as “Coach Ve” played professional basketball internationally for 18 years. After he retired from playing, he became a successful coach, training, and mentoring professional basketball players in Asia. It was his new role as a full-time trainer that has shown the best of his abilities. The widely known International star is making a name for himself, this time in America, as his passion for the game cannot go unnoticed.

Since his arrival four years ago, he has worked with many basketball players who are doing excellently well in their respective careers. What started as a small training session with a few kids has since grown in leaps and bounds.

Mr. Eskidjian’s many years of experience allow him to train both the player’s mind and body. He has shown exemplary skill in the area of mind transformational work. Starting from the inside out, Coach Ve has made successes out of non-believers. He has a high success rate because he knows that sports and basketball are first mental before it becomes physical.

“What I love about what I do is seeing the transformation that happens as my players evolve. I see a lot of trainers recruit so they can look good. I don’t do that. I like to take a player from scratch and grow with them, unleash their potential. I believe in each of my players. I make them see what they can become, and then we work towards that goal. “This is the personal philosophy that has guided him along his path.

Most recently, Mr. Eskidjian expressed his ultimate goal as taking his years of experience to the NBA floor. He is currently in the talking stages of a possible NBA G League coaching job in which his basketball resume will be assisting him through the process. Coach Ve is preparing his high level training event here soon in which he will showcase many FIBA professionals from around the globe.


Organization name: Coach Ve Training

Contact: Vicken Eskidjian

Glendale, California

Telephone: 1-818-424-3404



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