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Introducing OraBliss CBD

We’re excited to introduce you to OraBliss CBD.

Before we get into specifics, tell us a little about yourselves.

Our founding team includes: (1) George Simonyan, a 4th year dental student at USC’s Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry, (2) Todd Gharib, a CPA with 3 years experience at an elite accounting firm (USC ‘17, go Trojans), and (3) Sipan Beglaryan, a former investment banker /finance professional who graduated summa cum laude from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. As avid supporters and users of CBD oil for its holistic benefits, our founders believe the merger of CBD and oral care is inevitable and should be embraced. Therefore, OraBliss was created to explore ways CBD could best be applied to oral hygiene products in order to maximize health benefits.

How has the journey been so far?

We’ve definitely had a lot of ups and downs in our journey so far. The CBD industry seems to be one of the toughest industries out there with lots of competition and tons of regulations that are constantly changing. Certain tasks as simple as opening up a bank account can raise tons of challenges. However, we have done our best to navigate and find solutions to our problems. Every day we are learning more and more about the industry and finding ways we can improve our brand. Additionally, as you may know, there is tons of competition in the space with new CBD brands and products coming to the market almost every other day it seems. Therefore, we’ve been focused on distinguishing our brand from the rest and setting ourselves apart by offering products that actually cater to oral health – we strongly want to avoid being brushed off as just another CBD brand.

CBD is hugely popular in all sorts of products, why did you choose the dental product industry?

We chose the dental industry because one of our founders discovered the long-term health benefits of CBD infused toothpaste and mouthwash through research he had conducted in dental school. Since the CBD industry is growing exponentially, we thought this would be a great way to build our brand and educate the public on how they can improve their oral regime by using our products. CBD-infused oral health care products have long-lasting benefits that prevent a number of things such as gingivitis, bone loss, etc in addition to alleviating pain and inflammation. Our goal is to not only appeal to CBD users, but also appeal to individuals in the wellness space who prefer to use all-natural products. We believe the dental product industry is a niche market we can positively impact by bringing a new school touch to oral care products.

Why CBD and not Hemp?

To start off, the research that backs our products mainly pertains to the benefits of CBD-infused oral health care products on oral hygiene. The benefits that stem from using CBD go more hand in hand with oral health care, thereby proving to be more effective for our products’ purposes. However, this is not to say hemp does not have benefits for users. In fact, we are exploring different avenues to potentially launch hemp-infused oral health care products down the line.

What are you most proud of and what sets you apart from the competition?

We are most proud of our products’ potential ability to positively impact the health and wellbeing of our customers. Due to the numerous studies that correlate CBD with positive oral health outcomes, we believe our customers could realize these benefits by using our products and this fact alone gets us going. In fact, we gave Sipan’s mother our CBD mouthwash to use, twice a day, after her root canal. After only a few days, she no longer needed any pain medication as the mouthwash seemed to be doing its job alleviating the post-operative pain and inflammation.

Additionally, we are proud that all of our products are vegan, fluoride-free, cruelty-free and the ingredients have specifically been hand-selected for the best combination possible. A lot of people do not realize all the harmful chemicals that are included in the big name brands that produce toothpaste and mouthwash. Our products do not include any artificial ingredients; therefore, customers typically notice a difference between using our products compared to the traditional toothpaste/mouthwash. This is also the reason why the suggested use for our products are four months, because they are ALL NATURAL. All of our products have been laboratory tested to ensure top quality for our customers.

What are your plans for the future?

Our plans for the future are to continue growing our brand by educating our customers about the benefits of CBD for their oral health as well as continuing to give back to the community. We have actually partnered with a number of non-profit dental organizations to donate oral care kits to underserved communities with each purchase on our side. In addition, we are also looking to expand our product line to give our customers more choices that cater to their oral health. Stay tuned for some surprises!

Any last words?

We are excited about what the future holds for CBD and oral health care and look forward to changing lives for the better, one smile at a time!

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Phone: (310) 579-2624


Instagram: OraBlissCBD

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