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L-da Wild Opens up About Her Lyrics

L-da Wild is no stranger to compliments regarding her magical songwriting skills. It is all too easy to hear a song without truly listening to and understanding the lyrics, but artists like L-da are making her words simply impossible to miss.

“You’ll strangle your soul if you live like you’re told” [Unapologetic] is of her favourite self-written song lyrics. L-da explained to us how crucial and honest this statement is. Having experience in living a life that wasn’t hers, she is determined to help as many souls as she can to also find their true selves.

“I think it’s just way too easy to run from your soul in this society. Too many of us do not take the fragility of our souls seriously.” L-da shared, “The more you keep silencing it, the further away it gets from you. If you keep going that route, it inevitably disappears.”

You could say that L-da Wild’s purpose is to lead others to their own purpose. While her sound is fun, upbeat and light, her lyrics for one are not meant to be taken lightly at all. She believes that music truly has the potential to change the world, and she says with confidence: “I will never waste a song on something that isn’t worthy and bleeding with authenticity. Music is too powerful to spend it on anything that isn’t going to move the listeners.”

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