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Blending Experience And Panache With Curated Luxury Lifestyle; Mark Belford Shop

The story of Mark Belford as a Luxury Couture brand began when Brian Winston started reviewing the Mark Belford Website, adored what he saw, and couldn’t help but wonder how he hadn’t crossed paths with Mark until now – both being Toronto native’s, Brian knew he wanted to collaborate with Mark’s rare talent and vision.

Not long after, Mark’s life partner Enzo connected the two, men [and] they met for a cup of coffee, quickly realizing, despite any differences in previous work, the parallels they had in values, aspirations and approaches to their work. Brian’s background had spanned years in the international luxury goods and apparel realm, and Mark had the creative flair, and Couture luxury brand background to make them a dynamic force.

This one coffee date launched a series of meetings that would help shape the Mark Belford brand into a reality. Lunch meetings in Bloor West Village and Forest Hill quickly followed their coffee date, and plans rapidly took shape to open boutiques in Toronto, Palm Beach and The Hampton’s – creating elegant made-to-measure collections for their clients.

Mark and Brian’s plans were just coming to fruition/materializing when Covid-19 changed life around the globe. Shops closing, rising infection rates and shipping stalled. Undeterred, even by the evolving global pandemic, Mark and Brian continued developing and refining the business plan; The Hamptons and Palm Beach would have to wait, as international travel bans took effect in April, and the US may as well have been Mars. Canada shifted into main focus and the brand development quick evolved.

Blending experience and panache, Mark excels at creating Red Carpet looks that are transcendent but approachable; elegant but vivacious. The Mark Belford Brand assists clients in creating independent curated outfits – from our signature Ready to Wear collection to our Curated Lifestyle approach, which includes shoes, handbags and real jewelry.

With the union of these two creative souls, the components began to mesh in their Design Studio; collaborating with some of the finest mills across Europe, MB brings luxury fashion, home décor, accessories, and much more under a single roof.

“The conversation with my clients always explores accessories to complete their unique commission.” says Mark Belford.

“Working with our wonderful contacts in Europe we have been able to collaborate virtually with the Houses we love and have selected a beautiful inventory of luxury accessories.” Says Brian Winston.

As the CEO/Managing Partner of the new enterprise, Mr. Winston brought his multifaceted industry experience to the partnership, including achieving an MBA from The Rotman School of Business at age 52. Brian has built and expanded upon his vast network of iconic luxury brands. This has been done with sensitivity to brand heritage and a firm understanding of what his clients want.

With all that has been achieved to build the brand, the focus still remains on curating perfect pieces for all; whether it’s a special occasion or celebration, a small wedding, a romantic dinner, a festival or yoga class – We all want to feel beautiful!

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