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Gratitude In Goldy’s Corner

This holiday season in the US and around the world, we want to find the good, the thanks, and the gratitude in toilet paper shortage. The phenomenon of people covering their whole bodies in hand sanitizer then wrapping themselves in plastic wrap, Murder Hornets, and the quest for the almighty bar of soap or a can of soup. It’s there people. Look for it!

It doesn’t exactly feel like the time to be making that holiday Lemon Drop Cocktail out of lemons. 2020 is a bitter aftertaste, like drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth. People have lost loved ones, jobs, partners, businesses, savings, and their sanity. I’ve watched it. I’ve pretended not to be affected, but I too have suffered. 

I’ve turned to God more often than I should have. I should have been more consistent thanking him pre covid than just running to him when the going got tough.  The Creator has been pretty busy in 2020.  I’m sure his DMs are just blown to smithereens. I hate to keep bothering someone I love, so I’ve done my best to find some other resources to get me through this tough time.

I’m grateful these people crossed my path or touched my life this year and this Thanksgiving. I’d like to share them all with you here. My credit card balance may be at an all-time high, so why not turn that intoxication into something that can help others?

We examine some ways of being thankful in different ways.


David Meltzer

David was featured on The Los Angeles Tribune’s 2020 virtual Leadership Summit. He instantaneously took over the screen with his sense of accomplishment, gratitude, and peace. David Meltzer, is the co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing and host of Entrepreneur’s podcast “The Playbook”, is a Top 100 Business Coach, global public speaker,  and three-time international best-selling author who has been honored by Variety as “Sports Humanitarian of the Year”. This guy gives the right of passage to just sit down and shut its mouth. He’s a big deal although you’d never know it by his humility. It wasn’t until I guested on his Instagram live that I realized how grounded in faith he is. I was blown away when his friend and colleague Jake Fleshner sent over this beautifully executed promo to share and spread the word of gratitude.

When you need an extra kick in the pants in getting your life on track, plug into everything David Meltzer at Pick up a copy of his book Connected to Goodness while you’re at it. It’s on my influencer page under “Books I Love”

Thank you David for reminding even ME that everything comes from a higher power. You keep us grounded and from getting too big for our mortal britches.


Moe Rock

Through gratitude, Moe provides a few of the most profound, powerful, and effective ways for you to begin taking action to lead today. He heads the Los Angeles Tribune when I see him daily expressing so much joy and thankfulness for his staff. He is a leader in the gratitude movement because he walks the walk and demonstrates how another human being should lead and treat the team. It’s just important that Moe is recognized and not always the one doing the acknowledging.

Best selling author, Moe Rock, expresses his thanks every day while working at the Tribune and being so generous with his time giving praise and accolades to so many. He comes from a true place of appreciation for others. He is authentic, encouraging, and practices integrity. Inject these positive, quality principles, into your veins today reading his new BEST SELLING book, Lead by Example available here on my influencer page!


Natalie Forest

Individual mentoring, online programs, workshops, and more.  Dr. Forest also navigates the Los Angeles Tribune with kindness and sagacity. Welcome to YOUR Revolution! It is time to take your ONE step to Freedom and embrace your Potential with Dr. Forest. Her articles can be found online in the Los Angeles Tribune, or look for more motivating content centered in gratitude at It is beyond eminent that Dr. Natalie featured on ABC, IBT, FIX, CBS, NBC and more has something very beneficial to share and it clearly comes from a place of thanks.

I’ve gotten to know Ms. Natalie over the last few months and have benefited greatly from her leadership, attention to detail, and kindness. She knows how to make a human being feel, valued and validated. It seems whenever you need a positive word to make you feel better, Merida from the movie Brave shows up to speak one. This warrior, professional, boss babe, mentor, and mom, deserves praise and recognition for being there for so many. For those of you looking for personalized and custom programs, reach out to her today through her website. I know she will be grateful you did.


Dr. Joe Vitalie

When you “think about, you bring about”. Every morning Dr. Vitale’s social media posts start out with gratitude. He is amazing to follow. When you speak “thanks”, you keep attracting more of what you truly want.

I was first introduced to Dr. Vitale through the book & movie “The Secret”. He had a powerful and sunny disposition that spoke to me and I researched him further. This man has written more books and recorded more albums making him the imaginary love child of William Shakespeare and Frank Zappa. Yes, THAT many books and albums! He’s a freak of nature and makes us other artists feel a little lazy. I’m listing some of his books on my website here making them easy to find under “Books I Love”.

When you’re grateful you have a different vibe, you look at the world differently and approach life in a different way. I read some of the Doctor’s books and reached out to him for an article to include in my first issue of “Golden By Goldy Locks”, a completely positive online magazine. He graciously obliged with his brilliant article, “The World’s Most Unusual Therapist.” You need to read it. ( Page 18). The piece illustrates an amazing way of healing we can all learn from. I was once again fascinated by the way this man thinks. 

I highly recommend following Dr. Vitale online, investing in his books and programs he offers online. He will be gracing the Los Angeles Tribune on their next Quantum Leap Forum on February 20 and 21, 2021. Please tune in to see firsthand this free, life-changing online opportunity.


Lisa Winston

She is a TV Host, Speaker, #1 International Bestselling Author, Coach, and Pro-Vocalist. 

Every day I see Lisa sending messages of thanks and gratitude that extend with living your day in a positive light. Lisa posts challenges to her followers to just “zip it” for the day when it comes to negative noise. She inspires us all daily and reminds us by her example that being thankful leads us to new and more opportunities. She illustrates how coming from gratitude leads to abundance.

Author of Your Turning Point, listed here on my Amazon site for easy finding, ( this book speaks to so many of us on numerous levels. Manifesting miracles can be confusing for some of us.  Lisa helps us navigate trusting our own intuition. There is a huge difference between “fear” and “intuition”. When you can differentiate between the two you can really start to discover your true worth and place in the universe & live with renewed purpose and meaning. 

Find your true path for joyful living by experiencing the lessons in Lisa’s new book! For bookings see


Carlos Siqueira

Who better to illustrate that than Carlos Siqueira, a best selling author, and Movement Maker. @CarlosInspire. I virtually met Carlos at the 2020 Los Angeles Tribune Leadership Summit as he exploded onto screens through the world. He is colorful, charismatic, and RAW! Just like I LOVE a speaker to be! He rinds us to get off our arses and MAKE the life of our dreams happen. He teaches manifestation through gratitude and walks the walk. 

You can see Carlos daily inspiring people online to try different physical activities to prove your thanks. He teaches us in his unique book, someone always has it worse than you do. 

“Work Like An Immigrant” focuses on  Unlocking Your Potential, Attaining True Fulfillment, and Building Your Legacy and it all starts through gratitude. He reminds us to be thankful first and foremost for OURSELVES and the gift of life. He is a strong advocate for not trying to please everyone. This message is refreshing and allows us to get back to being thankful we have even what we have.

I list “Work Like A Immigrant” here, ( as profits go to charity. The book combines moving, hardscrabble life stories, profound and empowering lessons that touch on every aspect of life.  If you’re looking for a hardcore in your face teacher, speaker or consultant with a spin, find Carlos at

Don’t wait until Thanksgiving to be thankful, Golden Peeps.  I remind people DAILY, don’t wait until someone dies to write their eulogy. Make every day an opportunity to celebrate life and the people in it now. Let your loved ones know how much they mean to you today and share why you’re grateful to know them and have them in your life. 

For those of you who have made it through this EXTRA long article, I thank you and I’m grateful for YOU. Check out all these Rock Stars I’ve listed in this article. May it live forever online as a positive and resource grounded in “GRATITUDE.” XOXO – #GoldyKnows

Highlights from the 2020 Los Angeles Tribune Leadership Summit can be found here ( and the full two days of the summit also on their Facebook page under Videos. 

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