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Cleveland native rapper, model and co-business owner of Red karpet (clothing store and studio)

Officially Gp says this has been a year to remember and truly learn from and despite the crisis and pandemic of the coronavirus he is appalled to have experience such a trail and affliction in his lifetime.
Officially Gp states that this year has been a true struggle and life lesson for many years to come.
With not being able to do shows we had to improvise. As a artist, shows is the win win for us because we get paid and we get to embrace the crowds and meet new people which open doors for more networks.

So we had to take social media to a new height by doing live shows on instagram and Zoom. Now granted it doesn’t pay us to do shows or studio sessions on live. But it still gives us the opportunity to connect with our fans. The lockdown has been really hard on the business says “Officially Gp” from grossing over 30k a month to a all time low of 1500 a month.

As the media tells us to “stay in ”the banks and landlords still demands their rent/lease. We been in eviction court twice this year and no judge even dawn on the fact we a clothing store and haven’t been open since April of 2020. Small businesses took a big hit this year. Modeling has still been good actually modeling has been better with the lockdown because there is more places that is usually crowded with people where you can shoot now. So content has been great and Fashionnova is loving my new look and variety of different platforms I have been shooting content on. But the biggest setback this year was creating a hit single with artist “Big Trvp” Called “I Got it”

Produced and arranged by 4matik and mrshutemdown. The song caught the ears of many head a&r’s and three tours was set for the song and all that came to a haute when the pandemic hit. It was the big break we was looking for and not being able to perform the song had us at a standstill. So like any other starving artist we took on the studio and made more hits generating over 50 new songs since the pandemic hit.

And now having distribution with “Empire” This year coming should be the best year yet. At the end of it all Officially Gp say the only thing that has been glorious this year is that we haven’t lost anyone in our family to the coronavirus. Coronavirus is a serious matter and seem to have no cure or remedy for it. So I’m thankful we haven’t had any loses to it. My prayers goes out to anyone who has lost someone to the coronavirus and my advice to the public is to stay safe and wait this thing out. We fighting a war within a war with the pandemic and still trying to uphold a business.
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